Skillsoft announces it is integrating tools and training with Microsoft Viva, which Microsoft has launched. The integration of Skillsoft’s award-winning content, comprising 180,000+ learning assets, adds a collection of robust learning experiences, expands the Microsoft Viva Learning library, and empowers Microsoft Teams users to hone their skills by searching for and consuming meaningful and relevant learning content when and where it matters most – in the context of their work.
Microsoft Viva creates a central hub for learning in Microsoft Teams; adding online learning to its current chat, calling, collaboration, and other functionality streamlines the learning journey. Organisations can now access and manage their digital content in a single place, directly alongside the work and communications tools their employees are already using. Microsoft Viva also allows managers to assign and track learning progress, while organisations can integrate content from Skillsoft and other learning providers in one location.
Leveraging Skillsoft, learners can adapt and evolve, developing new skills and capabilities in areas like machine learning, design thinking, blockchain, leadership and management, and business skills. Organisations and their employees are now able to access a variety of content to learn in ways that make sense for individuals, and help contribute to personal and professional growth:
  • Utilise science-backed scenario-based learning content: Following research conducted by MIT’s Office of Digital Learning and Accenture, Skillsoft’s instructional design strategies for video content drive engagement and improve retention.
  • Leverage prescriptive learning paths to build mastery: Many people aspire to advance their skillset and career, but don’t know how to get from Point A to Point B. Skillsoft’s Aspire Journeys are pre-curated, role- and skill-based learning paths that prepare employees and organisations for transformation.
  • Learn in ways that make sense for individuals: Learners are empowered to choose the best method for learning, whether field technicians need to learn on a job site, working parents need to upskill while overseeing their child’s remote learning, or employees want to listen to training while out for a jog. Skillsoft adds an expansive digital collection of videos, books, book summaries, and audiobooks to the Microsoft 365 Learning library.
  • Access 140+ practice labs: Skillsoft’s practice labs enable technology and developer professionals to hone their coding skills in low-stakes, hands-on sandboxes and lab environments to ensure they are equipped to apply their new skills on the job. Learners can also attend Skillsoft Leadercamps and Bootcamps from Microsoft Viva, enabling access to timely, real-world insights from leading experts, along with live collaboration in virtual classrooms.
  • Earn portable digital badges: Learners can celebrate, measure, and record their accomplishments with digital badges they earn when completing Skillsoft courses and Aspire Journeys. Badges are secured and verified through a blockchain, making them a portable, personal record of achievement. More than 9.3 million Skillsoft digital badges have been earned by learners since February 2020.
“Microsoft is eliminating the separation between work, collaboration, and learning for millions of people across the globe. Skillsoft is proud to be a part of this learning solution, adding our collection of robust learning experiences around leadership development, digital transformation, and technology and developer training to expand Microsoft Viva,” said Apratim Purakayastha, chief technology officer, Skillsoft. “With this integration, we alleviate barriers to learning and empower people and their teams to learn in ways that make sense for them, thus improving job performance, collaboration, and enabling large scale reskilling and upskilling in a variety of fields for better business outcomes.”
“Creating a positive employee experience is increasingly a key focus of the C-suite, and a big part of that is fostering a culture of learning,” said Chuck Friedman, CVP, Employee Experience at Microsoft Corp. “With the launch of Microsoft Viva, we are bringing learning directly to workers, putting people and teams at the centre. Integration with key partners will add robust content libraries and bring learning into employees’ flow of work.”
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