A TEAM of juniors will challenge the stereotypes of apprentices with their new podcast.

The JCP Podcast, hosted by three junior content producers at Ocean Village-based agency, Mitchell & Stones, launched on Friday, April 15.

The hosts, which are all apprentices at the Southampton marketing firm, will release episodes weekly.

They will discuss their own experiences with apprenticeships, talk about interesting parts of content producing and interview guests who have built a successful career and have come from being in a junior position.

The aim of the podcast is to knock down the stereotypes and challenge the perception of people who are in apprenticeship or junior roles.

One of the hosts, Jamie Reilly said: ‘A lot of people think that as an apprentice you just make cups of tea and do everyone’s dirty work, which couldn’t be further from the truth – in my experience anyway. I’ve been able to land a role in my dream industry and get real experience in the area I hope to work my way up to in a senior role, which is SEO. Thanks to this apprenticeship I’m really excited for what the future of my career holds.’

Another host, Aisha Attah joined the company in February and hopes that the podcast will encourage more employers to consider apprentices.

She said: ‘Everyone in the business has supported me and given me so much time and effort which I will always be grateful for. There is so much room to grow alongside this company. We wanted to do this podcast as it is such a good opportunity to show that apprentices are worth investing in.

‘Hopefully this podcast will give a voice to those who need one, will break boundaries and create a positive change.’

Another fellow host, Callum Pinchin, hopes that his apprenticeship will allow him to progress in a career as a graphic designer.

He said: ‘I’ve gained experience working with all different types of clients and hope to be a well-rounded graphic designer, so I’m able to take on any level of graphic design task.

‘We’re looking forward to hearing some really useful words of wisdom from our guests, not only to take with us on our career journeys but to share with other people in junior roles and also show companies that apprentices are worth having on the team.’

A new episode is released every Friday and it is available to listen to on the Mitchell & Stones YouTube channel.

For more information go to www.mitchellandstones.com