On 21st April, Stay Safe Global, in partnership with UK SAYS NO MORE, will screen their new series of accessible, empowering films that give businesses the confidence and tools to open potentially lifesaving conversations around domestic and sexual violence at home, and in the workplace.

With the introduction of new measures by the UK Government in 2021, employers have a duty of care for protecting the health, safety and welfare of their staff, with this including domestic and sexual violence. However, for many, knowing how to do this sensitively and safely can be hard, but with a shift to home and hybrid work caused by the pandemic, and the increased media coverage of high-profile domestic abuse and sexual violence cases, it is an issue that can no longer be ignored, and one that isn’t going away.

Stay Safe Global helps organisations navigate this difficult terrain by providing simple first steps and continuing programs in order to raise awareness, signpost to professional services, and through partners like UK SAYS NO MORE develop real bespoke domestic abuse policies and practical support.

On a wider level, a more open approach to dealing with sensitive issues can help to start informed conversations, nurture a stable workplace and create a positive, inclusive culture where staff feel valued and safe.

Having engaged with survivors of abuse at refuges, and as a result of partnering with prevention organisations, survivor experiences and victim safety are at the heart of Stay Safe Global’s work and programs, which further adds to their impact and credibility.

Nicholas Martin, C.E.O of Stay Safe Global, says, “While domestic abuse may occur at home, the devastating impacts can have a ripple effect across all areas of a victims’ life. This includes their career, and while they might feel safe in their workplace, opening up to what is happening at home can be terrifying, but if they know someone could help can be lifesaving. By working between charity and business sectors we know that there are great services out there and while many employers want to safeguard and support those in their workforce affected by abuse, many are unsure how to do this, and that’s where our resources, including our films, come in.

He adds, “We hope the audience on 21st April will be moved by the strength of the survivors that are featured, and see the impact employer engagement can have. A panel of guests will be on hand to take questions afterwards, and will be happy to talk about how to initiate sensitive conversations, the ways in which managers can respond to abuse disclosure and what to do, to ensure when people ask for help, they get it and are safe.”

Lyndsey Dearlove,Head of UK SAYS NO MORE (a campaign to end domestic abuse and sexual violence),Head of Domestic Abuse Support and a member of the Stay Safe Global advisory board, will be at the event, and comments, “Workplaces can be the haven someone needs to get away from the abuse that awaits them at home. They provide a team of colleagues who, perhaps unknowingly, act as a support network. Despite much of our work happening online, workplaces can still offer this security blanket. The steps to do so are small, but the impact is huge. We know that the reality is, when employers respond to domestic abuse, it saves lives, and we hope the films made with Stay Safe Global will help people see the change makers they can be.”

The event will start at 5.30pm with a drinks reception, followed by the main presentation at 6 pm. Food and drink will be served after the screening and presentations, to allow for further discussions and networking.

For ticket information go HERE.

For more information, please go to staysafeglobal.com and uksaysnomore.org