With hiring in the green economy at a peak during an unstable economic climate, a resource site for sustainable jobs is seeking to raise awareness about the diverse range of green jobs available to jobseekers.

EcoCareers.org is an online jobs board and resource website for all jobs in sustainability, whether traditional green jobs like solar panel technicians or environmental scientists to jobs in industries that are newer to sustainability, like fashion and manufacturing. EcoCareers.org seeks to connect employers, hiring managers and HR personnel in the green sector with jobseekers and the top talent in their respective industries.

“When people think about ‘green jobs,’ they tend to think of more traditional roles, even though this industry is rapidly developing and evolving,” says Joseph Boll, EcoCareers CEO. “They think of farmers, or something in agriculture, or they think of solar panel technicians or wind turbine operators.”

The “green economy” includes businesses that have to do with the natural environment. It includes fields like agriculture; renewable energy like solar and wind power; and other sustainable technologies that are centered around operating businesses in an environmentally-friendly way.

But developments in the sustainability sector have significantly expanded the kind of green jobs available in a short period of time. A growing number of businesses are shifting their entire operating models to better meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or fulfill their own internal net-zero targets.

“More and more, businesses are looking for experts in sustainability to inform and head-up corporate efforts to be more environmentally-friendly,” Boll says. “Innovative companies are actively looking for managers, analysts, lawyers and specialists for sustainability roles.”

For instance, data from LinkedIn found that careers like Sustainability Analysts, Sustainability Specialists and Sustainability Managers are among the top fastest-growing roles in recent times.

The EcoCareers CEO says, “You don’t have to be a field agent to work in sustainability, if you’re passionate about working to help the environment. We hope to spread education and awareness that green jobs are not just about wearing a safety suit and being outside all day. Green jobs include many different roles in areas you may not even have considered, so don’t let misconceptions stop you from joining the field.”


About EcoCareers
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