With the UK job market as competitive as ever, professionals across the country seek clarity on the opportunities available to them so they can secure positions that allow them to have a secure income and a good quality of life.

To help, data experts at Best Apprenticeships have completed an in-depth analysis of the UK job market and have revealed the best and worst paid locations across the country, based on the number of job listings in each location with over £30,000 salaries (over the national average salary of £28,000). 

The Best-Paid Locations in the UK Ranked:

Rank Location Job Listings With £30k+ Salaries
1 London 21761
2 Hampshire 4819
3 Manchester 4774
4 Kent 3867
5 Surrey 3646
6 Berkshire 3,636
7 Essex 3527
8 Bristol 3493
9 Hertfordshire 3034
10 Cambridgeshire 2921

While London unsurprisingly claims the top position, with its need for substantial salaries to offset the city’s high living costs, Hampshire emerges as a strong contender in second place. Home to popular south-east cities like Winchester and Portsmouth, the county boasts over 4.8k job listings with salaries exceeding £30,000, particularly in industries like defence and technology. 

Manchester secures third place, serving as the northern base of high-paying opportunities, fueled by its dynamic creative and digital sectors. Meanwhile, both Kent and Surrey’s proximity to London, coupled with its robust job market and competitive salaries, renders them attractive destinations for ambitious professionals, landing them 4th and 5th place.

The Worst-Paid Locations in the UK Ranked:

Rank Location Job Listings With £30k+ Salaries
1 Rutland 48
2 Huntingdonshire 78
3 Cumberland 81
4 Humberside 84
5 Westmorland 84
6 Cleveland 93
7 Halton 107
8 Hartlepool 148
9 Middlesex 157
10 Isle of Wight 157

Rutland, known as the smallest historic county in England, claims the unenviable top spot as the worst-paid location, with a mere 48 job listings featuring salaries exceeding £30,000. While some areas like Huntingdonshire (2nd place) may serve as commuter towns, offering easy access to high-paying roles in London that make up for low salaries in the location itself, others like Cumberland (3rd place) struggle to provide ample opportunities for lucrative employment to their local community.

Taking 4th and 5th place are two northern-based locations, Humberside and Westmoreland. With Humberside home to major cities such as Leeds and Sheffield, and with a population of over 5 million, it’s unusual to see such a low number of roles above the UK’s national average available.

You can find Best Apprenticeship’s full analysis of the UK job market in 2024 on their website for further data and information.