UBIO, a web automation platform, has announced the launch of its new platform for job boards. The platform is designed to reduce friction for job applicants, provide a competitive advantage to job boards, while also offering hiring organisations with greater potential to reach quality candidates.

UBIO is a world leader in web automation that powers content for some of the largest organisations in the world, including Google, Trivago and Kiwi. UBIO’s web Automation Cloud platform provides connectivity across websites and bridges gaps that often cause friction in the user experience.

Currently, when candidates apply for a position advertised on a job board, they are frequently redirected away from the site to complete an application, often repeating information across multiple user interfaces. This causes friction, wastes time, and often results in applicants abandoning applications.

UBIO’s API solution removes this obstacle, embedding the full end-to-end application experience entirely on the job board site, without the need for direct integration. It does this by allowing candidates to complete full applications on job board sites while the information is transferred to the employer or recruiter website. This reduces friction and helps attract quality candidates, who favour efficiency when applying for new roles.

“Our job board customers have highlighted that by offering candidates the ability to complete applications on site, this typically doubles the number of completed applications. Friction has been a common problem for online job applicants and often results in quality, time-strapped candidates abandoning applications. We are remedying this challenge and removing unnecessary obstacles in the application process. Using UBIO, job boards can not only advertise positions, but can also be the location for completing applications, simply, easily and efficiently. This turns job boards into an ever more critical pillar in the recruitment ecosystem, not only supporting applicants, but also positively impacting their relationships with hiring organisations and recruiters,” said Adar Cohen, Chief Commercial Officer at UBIO.

The launch of the platform provides an avenue for job boards to play a more pivotal role in the recruitment ecosystem. Not only enabling job boards to improve the candidate experience but also making the job application process more efficient, helping attract quality candidates, who often want to utilise the fastest and most streamlined methods to apply for roles. Job boards using UBIO to provide on-site applications will see an increase in conversion rates for completed applications, allowing them to differentiate themselves from competitors, while delivering more value to candidates and hiring organisations alike.