Technology nowadays is capable of performing complicated tasks in no time at all. Slow, out of date hardware (and software) can massively reduce your team’s productivity and negatively impact your business. Laggy technology means we lose valuable time from important work projects, and when time is money, it ends up costing businesses in the long run. It’s important to keep your hardware and software up-to-date to help your team stay focused and to reduce tech-related delays. Find out more about how much slow technology could be costing your business, and how you can update computers, phones and other gadgets without having to spend a fortune.

Faster technology is better for business

There are plenty of technological culprits that can consume much-needed time from the working day. Slow technology can mean turning on computers, opening programmes or saving documents can take much longer than they need to – an average of 46 minutes per day in some instances. That is a significant amount of time and money wasted during the year, all down to slow gadgets and tech delays. All it takes is a simple headcount across the various departments to see the figures radically add up. While it may seem pricy to invest money in regularly upgrading and updating technology, your business could be haemorrhaging more than that by having employees wait around needlessly for their tech to catch up.

Fast tech means happy employees

Technology is designed to enhance the level of output produced by employees but when machines aren’t pulling their weight to get the job done, it can have serious effects on productivity and morale. When simple tasks such as booting up the computer and loading programmes take longer than necessary but deadlines don’t accommodate this additional time, it puts needless pressure on employees. This can lead to employees sacrificing their personal time to ensure the work gets done on time, which can result in resentment and – even worse – them seeking a new position at a company that can offer a better work/life balance. Bad staff retention is a costly price to pay for not ensuring you have technology that can keep up with your employees.

Pick the right time to buy new technology

There’s no underestimating the importance of having up-to-date technology when running a business. But if you need to keep your eye on the bottom line, it’s useful to know how to get the best deals on new gear for your employees. New research from Carphone Warehouse reveals the best times to buy phones, laptops, televisions cameras and more. The research states that shopping the sales will get you some of the biggest discounts. When purchasing for your business, make the most of the holiday sales in December and January, especially if you’re looking to update laptops, smartphones and iPads. If the end of the year isn’t feasible, you’re sure to find some hot deals on televisions and laptops in the back-to-school sales in the summer months (July – September). And don’t forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday where you’ll find even more deals on a variety of electronic gadgets.

Keep up to date with new releases

Knowing when your go-to brands are going to release their new products can also lead to big savings. If you’re looking to invest in the newest technology for your business, you could get great deals on new releases by pre-ordering your goods. Retailers may offer pre-order discounts or bundle extra items when you buy early. Alternatively, if you are not focused on having the latest gadgets, then buying items just after consumer trade show – like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January and the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February – might be the way to go. Last-gen items often see significant price drops in the months before and after new releases are announced in the trade shows. Whatever tech you have your eye on, keep vigilant on retail and brand sites to get the best deal for you.

Technology is being continuously improved at a rapid rate and it’s clear that, when these technological advances are made, businesses need to keep up with them. Updating work appliances can help save a lot of time and money for business owners, which can lead to a happier and more productive workforce.