National water retailer, Wave, has placed a key focus on giving back and seen a record response from employees keen to support their local communities.

Smashing its targets for FY23/24, Wave has increased volunteering hours by over 150%, a key focus of its Social and Sustainability Promise.

Another target was to uplift the number of goods donations by 150%, which has risen by over 2300%, with 1,526 goods donated to charitable organisations across the financial year.

After recently downsizing to a smaller office to support their sustainability efforts, Wave donated any furniture not included in the move to Crown Workspace. Its sustainable ‘Giving Back’ project ensures any furniture that cannot be reused or recycled is then donated to charities, schools and social enterprises.

To connect charities with willing volunteers from its team and record volunteering hours, Wave uses Benevity’s Alaya platform, which allows employees to suggest and support causes that they are passionate about and gain virtual points for the social and environmental challenges they complete.

The virtual points, also known as ‘Hopeys’ are tracked in line with yearly company targets to ensure volunteering is seen as part of a wider CSR strategy.

Wave recognises that making positive sustainable change cannot be achieved by one business alone, which is why they work hard with other businesses, customers, and communities to lead the charge.

Jane Austin, Director of HR at Wave, said: “For us, CSR has never been just a tick-box exercise. We’re always proactively building relationships with schools, organisations and charities to create opportunities where we can make a difference. This past year we’ve seen a fantastic uplift in both the number, and type, of volunteering activities our people have been part of. It’s something we’re really proud of and proof that CSR is becoming part of the fabric of our business.

“We’re not a multinational business, so to make the biggest impact we can, we’ve focussed on inspiring our employees, customers and communities to help us protect our world.”

Heather Mungin, Customer Success Manager at Alaya by Benevity, said, “Wave has done a fantastic job of implementing Alaya by Benevity as a wider part of their thriving CSR programme. This has resulted in an increase in employee volunteering with local charities that employees are passionate about. Employees are further engaged through the platform to focus on actions that positively impact the environment, their mindset and their physical wellbeing.”