Children of today are preparing for jobs that don’t exist yet – using technologies that haven’t yet been invented due to the continuing fast-paced digital and technological advancements.

With this in mind, Jellyfish Training have collated a mix of the most exciting futuristic job roles which, according to various industry experts, we can expect to see in the next 5-10 years. You can see the full article here:

Want to see what skills and experiences you might need to be a Space Tourist Guide or an Augmented Reality Life Designer? Take a look at the imagined CV’s below:

Space Tour Guide

With a highly desirable skill set ranging from cosmology, astronomy, space science, geography, history and geology, recruiters may have their work cut out finding the perfect candidate.

A job that requires complete focus alongside people skills, candidates will help passengers stay safe, whilst ensuring they get the most out of their journey.


Searching for talented individuals who specialise in tech as well as agriculture will be a recruiters main goal here. Candidates must know how to raise carefully engineered crops and livestock to improve harvest.

As agriculture begins to take a huge leap forward thanks to a number of developing technologies, we’re likely to see a boom in vertical farming, meaning we can grow food under artificial light as well as other energy sources. Experience may be the key to bringing in the right individual here – something worth noting.

3D Lab Meat Scientist

If you’re a recruiter working within the food industry, you could be in luck. With the emergence of cultured meat, a need for food engineers to grow meat in Petri dishes is looking likely to surge, thanks to the emerging cultured meat industry.

Finding an experienced food engineer will be vital for this role and if successful, could find themselves changing how we produce food forever.

Augmented Reality Life Designer

The world of design has grown vastly throughout the years, with programmes giving us the ability to create truly spectacular viewings. But where’s the next step?

An augmented reality life designer will work with individual clients to design their augmented reality life of choice. This role includes helping design, write, calibrate, gamify, build and – most importantly – personalise the next generation of mind-blowing, in-the-moment stories for trips in augmented reality.

An exciting role for recruiters to be on the lookout for, this role could be suited to the younger generations, where technology and creativity come together.


Business-to-Robot-to-Consumer (B2R2C) is the idea that marketing is changing towards drones, voice assistants, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital avatars becoming gatekeepers between brands and consumers.

Find out more about the study here:


By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

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