Most office workers spend a large proportion of their lives at their desks, and it is thoughtful to provide as pleasant a space as possible for them. Christmas parties offer that chance to blow off a little steam, and are a bright spot in the darkest days of the year. They also let coworkers chat and socialise outside of office hours, bringing them closer to each other without taking up valuable time during the workday. It is traditional for business owners, CEOs and managers to show their employees just how much they mean to the company, and let them see that their work is valued. Coffee machines are a cost effective way of treating employees to something they can’t get in their own homes, showing them they are appreciated.

Choosing a coffee machine for the office

With the coffee machines on the market today it is possible to spend less than £100 on a decent machine. Alternatively, if you have a larger office or are in a position to really spoil your workers, a stunning espresso machine costing just under £5000 might mean office-mates never leaving the building in search of a hot beverage again! You can take a look as the example of the variety of offers here: – there are many different types and prices of coffee machines which may fit everyone’s needs.

It is likely that most offices would benefit from a machine that’s somewhere in the middle. It is important to weigh up several considerations:

  • How many coffee drinkers are there in the office? It’s likely that this will be the same as the number of staff, once they get a look at the brand new coffee machine!
  • Some coffee machines make several drinks concurrently, or even have the capability of brewing a pot of coffee. Some, however, produce one perfect cup at a time. Which is likely to be more useful for your office? What functionality do you want? How important is a milk steamer? Would integrated pod coffee machines be a better choice?
  • Where is the best place for coffee machines? This is most likely the kitchen: is there ample worktop space, or might it be better to buy a slimline machine?

Write out a list and check that you have an idea of what your office’s needs are, then spend a some time browsing the options to find your perfect machine.

Types of coffee machines

There are many different types of coffee machines which could fit every office needs. Take a look at the main differences between them and find the best fits for your team.

Filter coffee machines

Filter coffee machines are familiar, faithful machines to be found in offices worldwide. These are a great choice if your staff aren’t really fussed about fancy espresso based beverages and are happy with a simple cup of freshly brewed coffee. They are easy to use, take ground coffee, and brew a large pot in a matter of minutes. This is also a great choice if you often have teammates making coffee runs for everyone, as it keeps time to a minimum and prevents anybody from having to remember specific orders. These are around the £75 mark, making them a great choice for smaller offices.

Automatic coffee machines

The most basic (yet still impressive) automatic coffee machines are little pod nespressos that sit on the countertop. These come in a range of funky colours and cost under £100, so are a good budget option for an office Christmas present if you have a close-knit team. These integrated pod machines do need specialist coffee pods, but these are easily available wherever coffee is sold! We recommend buying in bulk online, especially once the office has picked their favourite bean. These coffee machines come with milk frothers, so you can still get that smooth latte finish.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines

The next option is bean-to-cup coffee machines. These have a compartment for beans, either ground or whole, yet still produce a delicious espresso based drink at the push of a button. These can be either single or double production, and many have milk tanks included. This means your staff just has to pop a cup under the spout, press the button for their favourite drink, and wait a matter of a few seconds. These are between £150 and £1000 and range in functionality.

Top-of-the-line coffee machine

Those machines offer the most impressive abilities and uses. Some, such as the Bosch wall-installed coffee machines have the ability to be controlled remotely. This means your colleagues can order their drinks from their desks, waiting until the machine has run through the ‘coffee playlist’ of everyone’s orders. The home connect option also gives a warning when maintenance is due, or when it is time to replace filters. This is a serious investment, but for those offices that can afford it, it also shows your employees just how much you value their hard work! These machines go from £1500 to £5000, and are worth every penny.


Treating your staff to a brand new, high quality coffee machine this Christmas will show them that you value their hard work during a difficult year, and give them a little boost every time they brew themselves up a cup of joe. Coffee machines are available at every price point, making them the perfect way to show your team how much you care.