Moneypenny has analysed 1000 job advertisements on, and surveyed 1,000 UK office workers, to reveal employers’ most commonly offered benefits, and how they line up with the workforce’s expectations, the results are as follows:

The number one ‘perk’ mentioned across all Indeed job listings analysed, was a ‘pension’.

41% of employers listed this as one of the perks a potential employee can expect if they’re successful in their application.

This was followed by ‘working from home’, with just 22% of job advertisements offering this benefit, despite WFH proving to be a viable option for many workers.

The top five most offered benefits according to the Indeed analysis were:


  1. Pension – 41%

  2. WFH – 22%

  3. Gym – 12%

  4. Flexible working – 11%

  5. Sick pay – 11%


Survey results

The survey took a closer look to see if these listings reflect how the UK feels about work benefits.

The top three perks listed above were also named as the top three benefits that UK workers believe should be mandatory for employees – pension, sick pay and flexible working hours.

Following those, the other listed perks that workers don’t believe should be added as ‘extra’ were:


4. Free eye tests

5. WFH

6. Maternity/paternity and adoption leave

7.Time in lieu

8. Kitchen facilities, and tea and coffee


However, analysing the survey results revealed that 42% of UK workers said that a pension is the benefit that matters the most to them, lining up with the most offered perk.

The top ten perks that workers look for according to the survey were:


  1. Pension- 42%

  2. Sick pay- 41%

  3. Flexible work hours- 40%

  4. Ability to work from home- 30%

  5. On-site parking- 23%

  6. Death in service insurance- 21%

  7. Training- 20%

  8. Bonus scheme- 19%

  9. Free eye tests- 18%

  10. Time in lieu- 18%


Ceri Henfrey, Chief Operating Officer at Moneypenny said: “After spending months cooped up indoors, having a healthy work-life balance is more important than ever.

“We believe that one of the ways to help keep your staff happy is to provide them competitive and useful benefits that will enhance their experience working for you.

“We’re not surprised to see flexible working, wellbeing programs and more ‘fun focused’ perks being featured across the listings we analysed, however it would be amazing to see more companies following suit in the future!”