Workato, the leading Enterprise Automation platform, today announced a new Automation Accelerator to enable HR leaders to get their companies back to the office efficiently and help employees feel safe throughout the process. 

After the lifting of most of England’s remaining Covid restrictions, on 19th July, employers are now able to start to plan the return of their employees to the workplace. They need a way to track and validate employee vaccinations, follow safety guidelines (contact tracing, capacity management, desk spacing and reservations), and ensure employees feel comfortable going into commercial office spaces.  

Last month, we opened our headquarters in Mountain View, California, to vaccinated employees using our own Workato platform to verify vaccinations, reserve seats and control office capacity. We wanted to make these automations available to everyone, as organizations work to open offices” said Workato CIO, Carter Busse. “Workato recipes are fully customizable, work with thousands of apps, and are easy to modify as the guidelines change and new protocols are required across regions or countries.” 

The new Back-to-Office Accelerator addresses all of these needs with a pre-packaged solution that contains everything users need to automate back-to-office processes, all easily orchestrated by Workato’s platform chatbot. Businesses can use the package as-is or customize to their specific needs and get going in a matter of days. These automations help facilitate a safe return to the office by allowing employees to do the following via a bot on Slack or Microsoft Teams: 

  • Prove they are vaccinated
  • Reserve a desk space in the office
  • See who else is coming to the office on any given day 
  • Follow their manager or teammates and get notified when they plan to go in 
  • Contact tracing 

These workflow automations are orchestrated by Workato’s platform bot, Workbot for Slack and Microsoft Teams. It can further integrate with and complete actions in apps such as SpaceIQ, Eden Workplace, and Envoy Desk for seat reservations; databases like Snowflake or HRIS systems for employee data; and cloud storage apps like Google Drive or Box for Vaccination proof. This provides an easy UI for employees inside of the chat apps they use daily and automatically executes back-to-office workflows across various applications, without intervention from IT.  

The demand for automation to get back to the office and respond to the new normal of a hybrid work environment drove a 1.7X increase in Inbound Inquiries to Workato last quarter. 

In order to bring employees back to the office safely, we deployed an enterprise-version of contact-tracing using the industry TCN protocol that is HIPAA compliant. Regionalized HR notifications, including a weekly aggregate of contact tracing events, run with the help of Workato automations,” said Stanley Toh, Head of Enterprise End-user Services & Experience at Broadcom. “Workato is an instrumental part of our back-to-office automations for 10 countries across 18,000 employees at Broadcom.” 

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What an Employee Sees: 

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What Workato is doing: 

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By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.