The newly appointed VP of Sales EMEA, David Rogers, will bring proven local knowledge and sales expertise to guide WorkJam through their EMEA expansion. Part of this will include building a stellar sales team that focuses on customer needs and requirements to help connect HQs with their frontline.

WorkJam, the world leader in the digital frontline workplace, continues to strengthen its expansion in the European market with the recent appointment of David Rogers as VP of Sales EMEA. Known for its people-first approach that revolutionises the way HQs and their frontline work together,  the solution connects and engages employees while driving operational efficiencies and productivity. Already well established in North America, the organisation aims to increase its investment and respond to rising demands.

David brings 20 years of SaaS experience to WorkJam. Beginning with Netstore, one of the first SaaS businesses in the UK. Across his career, David has worked with retail, hospitality, and banking SaaS organisations, including Aptos and Reflexis, recently acquired by Zebra – helping them to execute their plans and expand into their respective marketplaces.

“We are excited to have David join the team,” states Mark Williams, Managing Director of EMEA. “His expertise and profound understanding of the challenges our European customers face will be integral to helping us solve their challenges and revolutionise their frontline workforce in the process by helping them to build a people-first culture.”

With a deep understanding of end-to-end processes, everything from the point of sale to omni-channel and e-commerce, David has experience bridging operational efficiencies, compliance, and service, finding solutions to core operational problems.

WorkJam’s modular, scalable architecture and the fact that millions of employees use it in more than 45 countries and languages lends itself to localisation as well as adaptation to local labour laws and business practices.

“David cements our position to support sales with a highly strategic outlook,” explains Will Eadie, WorkJam’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Europe is extremely diverse with different cultures and languages, and we’re sensitive to the individual market requirements to create a compelling use-case for each country. David’s background will further reinforce our positioning in three areas that include customer and frontline workforce engagement strategies, workflow optimisation, and improving organisations’ omni anywhere capabilities.”

About WorkJam

WorkJam’s mission is to revolutionise how HQs and their frontline work together. As the world leader in the digital frontline workplace, WorkJam combines two-way communication, task management, learning, scheduling tools and more to drive efficiencies and productivity. Available in over 45 languages, WorkJam turns workflow chaos into workforce orchestration®. HQs love it for its ROI (a whopping 410%), and employees love it because it puts workplace competencies right into their hands. If we want a happier frontline, we need to support them as individuals with upskilling, shift scheduling, and processes – all on one app.