The serviced office has become the preferred rental solution of many businesses, particularly start-up ones that don’t have much in terms of financial resources and would like to remain flexible in their business decisions. Serviced offices are just as their name implies – they are office spaces that a business can rent for the short-term, and they come with varying services, from broadband and telephone connections to maintenance and cleaning, reception facilities, meeting rooms, and more. Some serviced offices are fully-furnished, so you don’t even have to worry about the furniture and some equipment you may need. But what else is there to know about serviced offices? Here are the quick facts you should know about serviced offices – and their ultimate benefits.


The basics of serviced offices

More business enterprises are looking for a favourable and flexible solution for their office space requirements, and serviced offices have proven more than ideal. As opposed to the standard office lease agreement, serviced office leases can be acquired for the short term, with businesses not being tied down to a long commitment. A serviced office will usually have a flat fee per month, and this fee will include utility costs, maintenance services, parking, 24/7 security, and so on. With this kind of solution, you have the opportunity to scale your business up – or scale it down – when you so choose, making it easy to plan and save your finances for other investments.

What it can give you


  1. A flexible leasing arrangement

As mentioned, it can provide you with a flexible leasing arrangement, and certain contracts can be signed for only one month. This allows you to be agile, and if you do decide to expand or scale down, you can easily do so without worrying about a long-term contract. If you need more space for seasonal activities, for instance, then you can request it, and on the other hand, if you need less space, you can transfer to smaller premises without a hassle.


  1. A cost-effective solution

Serviced offices, such as those from Cariocca Enterprises, give you the freedom – and cost-savings – of paying only for the space you really need. You don’t have to pay for wasted space, and you have immediate access to telephone and broadband connections as soon as you move in. This means you don’t have to contend with downtime either, simply because everything is already arranged for you. You will settle a set fee per month, and this will often include utilities and other amenities and services.


  1. Access to what you need to efficiently operate your business

The standard facilities that come with a serviced office include reception desks and services, meeting rooms, kitchens or pantry areas, cleaning for common areas, and even the rental of equipment and the provision of administrative staff. Certain services, such as reception services, are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means that you will only pay for it when you use it.


  1. Access to various business opportunities and new audiences and markets

Most of the serviced offices offered by providers are located in key cities and areas, making them a great choice for businesses wanting to meet like-minded businesses. It can open up various opportunities for you if you are in a central location, and it can introduce you to a new audience and markets as well.


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