We live in a world in which sustainability and environmental consciousness is of vital importance.

Aside from protecting the planet, customers are increasingly choosing to seek out brands that share their commitment to environmental concerns.

While you might have previously overlooked sustainability, with just a few changes, you can transform your office into a greener space.

So, if you’re ready to embark on the path to sustainability, here are just five tips to help you get started.

1.      Embrace Everyday Energy Efficiency

Sometimes, even the smallest changes to your office space can make a big difference to your sustainability. From switching to LED lights and turning them off when they aren’t in use to investing in solar control windows from experts such as Halifax Glass, there are a wide range of adjustments that you can make to your property.

While some of these changes will require a larger investment than others, they can provide you with a good starting point on your journey towards a more eco-friendly office space.

2.      Master the Art of Recycling

While you might not think twice about recycling, implementing a comprehensive recycling program can help to encourage your team to do so too.

It’s important to remember that not everything is recyclable in every local authority, so if you want to learn more about recycling, organisations such as Recycle Now are a great resource to help you get started.

When you have a better understanding of the materials that can be recycled, make sure to provide clearly labelled recycling bins for your employees and make sure that they have the training to know what can and can’t be recycled.

3.      Choose Sustainable Materials

When upgrading your office furnishings or purchasing supplies, you should try to choose products that are made from sustainable materials whenever possible.

Invest in furniture that is made from recycled, and consider purchasing durable, high-quality products that will last longer.

By choosing sustainable materials, you can minimise the environmental impact of your business as well as supporting other companies that prioritise sustainability.

4.      Encourage Alternative Transport

The daily commute in cars is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, so when you encourage employees to use alternative modes of transportation, you can have a big impact on your office’s commitment to sustainability.

Consider incentivising your team to carpool, biking, or use public transportation to get to work – this could include providing secure bike storage and shower facilities or reimbursing the cost of trains and buses.

And, if you found that remote working had it’s benefits during the pandemic, you could consider implementing a hybrid working set up, meaning that your employees don’t need to undertake the commute every day.

5.      Invest in Green Energy Sources

When sourcing the electricity for your office, you should consider using green energy sources. This could be as simple as switching to a green provider, or as extensive as installing solar panels on your roof.

If you are considering solar power, then consider consulting with experts such as Go Green Solar Group to ensure that you find the right solar solution for your business needs.


Have you made office upgrades in a push towards sustainability? Share your tips and tricks for creating a more eco-friendly office in the comments below!