Employee engagement specialist, WorkBuzz, and Personal Group Holdings have formed a partnership to tackle the deskless workforce’s lack of voice and influence. Deskless workers – from retail associates and restaurant workers through to healthcare professionals and construction workers – often feel isolated and voiceless, made worse by sub-standard technology. 60% are unsatisfied with the technology they’re provided with to do their job and only about 1% of software venture funding is aimed at deskless workers.

The collaboration between WorkBuzz, and workforce benefits and services provider, Personal Group, has brought together leading HR technology and engagement specialists for the purpose of creating new, easy-to-use and accessible ways for deskless workers to get their voices heard. The aim is to close the technology gap, amplifying the voices of deskless workers – including the hourly and weekly paid – so they can easily feedback to their employer, and key insights captured and quickly acted upon.

As part of the partnership, WorkBuzz’s employee engagement surveys will now be accessible from Personal Group’s Hapi app – a mobile-first employee benefits platform available on both desktop and smartphone. As well as deskless workers being able to access Hapi’s communications, benefits, wellbeing, and recognition functionality from their smartphones, they will now be able to launch WorkBuzz’s engagement surveys directly from the platform, providing a simple and anonymous means to provide feedback to their employer.

Karen Thornley, Chief Product and Partnerships Officer from Personal Group says, “Despite their significant presence, deskless workers are faced with unique challenges that can impact their engagement and wellbeing. They all too often feel disconnected and sidelined, with depression rates 61% higher than those of desk-based workers. One of the reasons is that they lack a voice, not feeling empowered to influence change. With WorkBuzz’s employee listening technology now easily accessible from Hapi, deskless workers have an effective means by which to give their opinions and ideas, ensuring they feel listened to and valued.”

Steven Frost, CEO of WorkBuzz comments, “Organisations can’t afford to ignore their deskless workers but must ensure they feel considered and appreciated as this improves retention, reduces absence rates and increases productivity. Our partnership with Personal Group is the perfect alliance, bringing together HR tech and engagement specialists in order to extend the reach of our surveys, while providing deskless workers with a richer employee experience.”

WorkBuzz’s engagement surveys range from pulse surveys that are used to better understand employee sentiment at a certain point in time, through to onboarding, exit and annual surveys. Employers can then work with WorkBuzz to dissect and interpret the survey findings and create meaningful action plans to improve a range of business outcomes, from retention rates and engagement levels through to performance and profitability.

WorkBuzz and Personal Group are hosting a joint event ‘The Future of Work: Adapting to the 6G Workforce’ at 9:00am on 27 June 2024 (Unity Place, Central Milton Keynes). Find out more here: https://engagement.hapi.co.uk/pg-workbuzz-event