– the leading British robotic arm manufacturer – has offered a new full automation service which it expects to alter the landscape of the automation industry.

Under a campaign headline of ‘Hire a cobot worker from £29.99 a day’, the company will make robot hire more accessible than ever before.

The offering applies to the smaller cobots in the range, and allows customers in the manufacturing sector to try the robotic solution before they buy. has underlined that an unsurpassed customer service support function will be part of the deal. The company’s customer service guarantee promises that should the system break or become faulty, will take full responsibility for the problem. All it will take is a quick message via the management portal to report any issues. From the time when the message is sent, has reiterated its confidence that cobots can be fixed, repaired or replaced in 48 hours or less.

With a new customer-focused, accessible product which does not oblige the customer to make heavy investments into robotic technology, anticipates attracting a new wave of clients from across the manufacturing world.

The development is part of a wider global trend known as Industry 4.0, which is seeing the increasing use of automation, as well as data exchange, within manufacturing technologies. Collaborative robots have been found to reduce injury among staff, who no longer have to handle tasks which have the potential to be dangerous or complex. Cobots can also boost morale thanks to the advantages which they can offer to workforces.

A company spokesperson for said:

“It’s great to be shaking up the automation industry. We have got so more much coming out soon to make us even more unique. We are confident that process automation is a winner in terms of efficiency and value, across many strands of manufacturing. This new offering will ensure that more manufacturers are able to try our systems, and see for themselves how productivity can be increased as a result.” has highlighted the growing number of sectors which cobots are providing benefits to, including food and agriculture, furniture and equipment, electronics and technology, metal and machining, automotive and subcontractors, plastic and polymers, pharma and chemistry, and scientific/research.