CMP, a leading provider of dispute resolution services, has implemented Selenity’s ER Tracker, a HR case management system, to securely and efficiently manage client investigations involving workplace disputes. CMP has improved productivity and reduced admin by at least 140 hours a week since the implementation.

With up to 35 live investigations or mediation cases on the go at any one time and vast amounts of associated documentation, CMPs investigators face considerable administration when it came to securely updating clients on the progress of their live cases.

Leanne Holt, Head of Operations and Client Delivery at CMP explains:

“Due to the sensitive nature of our work, documents associated with workplace investigations and disputes must be securely sent to our clients. Previously, the team had been converting these documents into PDF format and password protecting each individual item that was sent over. Sometimes there could be up to 200 documents linked to one case and this made the securing and sending of files very time consuming, often involving multiple emails as the files were too big to send all at once.”

CMP sought a dedicated HR case management system. They required a solution which would allow them to efficiently manage multiple client investigations and cases at any one time. As well as providing a transparent and streamlined way for clients to access pertinent case information. Fluctuating workloads also meant that the operations team needed the system to help with the management of internal workloads, spreading cases evenly between CMP’s investigators.

Cases are categorised into two distinct types (investigation and mediation) allowing the team to record and monitor their investigations more efficiently. The system also provides an increased level of flexibility and visibility to CMP’s clients as they are able to access Selenity ER Tracker at anytime, anywhere, to see what stage their case is at.

Leanne explains:

“All the case documentation is securely stored in one place and this has meant that clients are able to go into Selenity ER Tracker to access case documentation and download reports, all without our assistance. The process of information sharing has been greatly streamlined and clients are no longer having to access multiple password protected documents. For the team, sharing reports in this way has saved them a considerable amount of time, at least 3-4 hours per week.”

Neil Everatt, CEO at Selenity comments:

“Dispute resolution is often a sensitive and timely process, making it crucial that investigators have access to real-time information so they can monitor the progression of cases. With Selenity ER Tracker, CMP have the technology in place to drive efficiencies, facilitating the secure and central storage of case information and ultimately providing greater visibility of their current caseloads.”


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