HR DataHub, who provides technology powered diversity and inclusion (D&I) insights, has launched a unique tool that, for the first time, will give companies the ability to benchmark their D&I performance objectively.

The ground-breaking D&I Index has been launched by the tech for good firm in partnership with a coalition of experts including the 30% Club, Black British Business Awards (BBBAwards), The Network of Networks (TNON), INvolve, Change the Race Ratio, hundo and Delta Alpha Psi. It will enable organisations across all sectors to collect and measure their D&I data, set meaningful targets, and implement changes that work to enable workplace inclusivity.

The innovative D&I Index is both unique and timely as the lack of comparable data available to companies has led to confusion and slow progress in meeting D&I targets. For instance, research conducted by HR DataHub in 2021 (200 large companies) showed that just a 1/3 of companies are taking a data-led approach to putting in place actions and monitoring progress. Tracking data from the start brings D&I to the top of the agenda, helps start conversations at a senior level and allows organisations to take accountability.

HR DataHub’s D&I Index, a technology-powered solution, will allow companies to objectively measure their progress and track real changes that matter across all levels within an organisation. Progress will be tracked across five key characteristics; gender, age, ethnicity, disability, and LGBTQ+, and will report across four fundamental measures; representation (by responsibility level), tenure, talent area and pay differentials.

The objectives for the D&I Index are five-fold:

1) To create a data led index for companies to benchmark their D&I performance

2) To integrate this index into that company’s D&I data journey

3) To implement a support framework to help companies progress through this journey

4) To help companies use data to identify areas for improvement and implement changes that work

5) To measurably improve the working lives of people from any background


The D&I Index is sponsored by industry leaders including Pennon Group, BAE Systems, Phoenix Group, Reward Gateway and M&S, who are paving the way for their sectors to leverage innovation to create inclusive, safe and inspiring workplaces.

David Whitfield, CEO and co-Founder of HR DataHub comments on the launch: “We are truly delighted to join forces with a coalition of exceptional and inspirational D&I thinkers to create the first ever D&I index which is 100% objective and data-led. In focusing only on the data, we have been able to remove all subjectivity and guesswork. With one simple data submission, we are proud to be able to help organisations across the UK to easily understand how their organisation is performing across five key characteristics and four key measures, so that they can then set meaningful targets through peer comparison and location baselining.”


Sophie Chandauka, Executive Founder and Chair of The Black British Business Awards said: “The ultimate aim for the D&I Index is to ensure that companies’ diverse talent will be appropriately represented at all levels. In doing so we will be able to understand where faults lie, track progress and make changes not only for individuals on a personal level, but for the UK economy as a whole. The impact of the D&I Index will be hugely significant in influencing industry leaders to help provide a working environment where people of any background can fulfil their highest potential.”


Alexandra Evreinoff, Managing Director of INvolve : “Many D&I initiatives are led by data, however by bringing together experts across different diversity strands to create a single, practical tool, the D&I Index is unique. The ability to collate vast data into a tool that is effective and easy to implement, the D&I Index is invaluable to organisations that will use it. At its core, the Index is underpinned by both best practice, expertise in data collection and diversity.”


Whitfield concludes: “Without data it is impossible for businesses to build a clear picture of where they are, or where they need to go. But this data is just the start of the story. Once leadership execs and HR have that data, they will need to address the facts head on, get comfortable with what they find, and leverage it to build a transparent and constructive narrative that resonates with both employees and stakeholders. Only then will they be able to win ‘hearts and minds’ in and out of the organisation.”



By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.