Mary O’Neill from design communications agency Altadicta explains why design is a crucial part of the process in employee communications, and why the right design will boost employee engagement.

When undertaking any steps to boost employee engagement, it’s important to consider not only the messages you want to send, but how you can reinforce the message and get it across most effectively.

Design plays a bigger role in communications than many employers realise, and having worked with strong brands and large employers, Altadicta has more experience than most in this specialised area of brand communications.

What we’ve learned in our work with leading brands like Diageo, Coca Cola and Whirlpool is that getting both the messages and the means of communicating them right is the difference between success and failure in any employee engagement project, whether that involves employee benefits, customer services training or corporate reinforcement.

Sadly, we see too many companies take a ‘one-size fits all’ approach – treating new employee engagement initiatives as a standalone project.   This can lead to employees experiencing lots of short-term initiatives, meaning corporate messages become diluted and employees become less rather than more engaged.

Employee Engagement is not a one-off

Employee engagement needs to be a constant focus and this is best done via an ongoing rolling programme of communications, using your corporate brand to both attract new business and engage your employees.  Aligning your employee engagement branding with your corporate brand means both are reinforcing the other, presenting a unified, constant message that will engage employees and boost commitment.

Engaging employees through design is something we’ve understood for many years, however it’s more challenging post pandemic and there is no margin for error now. Following 2020 and the changes it brought to both organisations and workplaces, keeping employees engaged and focus through change requires a strategy – and step one means harnessing your brand itself.

Using Corporate Interior Branding to reinforce your brand values

Corporate branding is a key part of engaging employees and should not be viewed as an external, separate process. We’ve worked with some of the UK’s leading employers, helping them bring their exterior branding into the heart of the workplace, engaging employees from the second they enter the building.

Training Leaders to be Employee Engagement Champions

Leaders play a key role in engaging employees because they create the environment for cultures to thrive. Culture and staff engagement go hand in hand.

Flourishing businesses create cultures that speak to an increasingly diverse range of employees. Where leaders create the right culture, employees can connect their personal purpose to the purpose and values of their organisation and feel empowered to make a difference.  Again, clever use of corporate branding, design and understanding will make leadership training materials more engaging and in turn inspire leaders to engage employees.

Employee-only Communications should still reflect your brand

Often employers focus on branding and design for their customer literature but deliver only the bare minimum to employees – sometimes just using plain paper for employee handbooks and benefits communication. Using branding and design in employee communications costs very little more, and delivers a big boost in engagement.

Getting everything to work together is a unified, strategic way, is how Altadicta work – and our portfolio means we have proven expertise in creating a co-ordinated entire communications strategy that boosts your brand through all stakeholders, engaging employees, supporting your leaders and attracting new clients.

We have a great track record of success – and are experts at what we do, inspiring change and always through creativity and with a passion for excellence.  If you are looking for a specialist agency to boost employee engagement through design – we know what works and we have the credentials and the portfolio to back it up.


About the author

Mary O’Neill is the Managing Director of Altadicta Ltd, and has worked with many of the UK’s best known brands to boost employee engagement, reinforce brand messages through design and improve external and internal communications.  For more information, please visit

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