Skillsoft has announced their Leadercamp: The Art of Great Consulting, a program designed to accelerate and transform consulting careers. This Leadercamp will be a free, live, online instructor-led, and interactive learning experience taking place across four sessions on July 21, 23, 28, and 30, each from 8:00-11:00 a.m. E.T. Registration is now open. The interactive Leadercamp will be facilitated by Christie Lindor, author of The MECE Muse a book on the unwritten rules and habits of great consultants.
This four-part Leadercamp provides a primer on the consulting profession and has been designed for aspiring consultants who want to jump start their careers and current consultants with less than five years of experience. In addition to a deep and practical understanding of the consulting profession, attendees will learn what differentiates good consultants from great ones, including strategies and habits, project and client management, digital etiquette, and personal branding. The interactive Leadercamp will include a combination of lecture, self-directed video-based learning, and group work across four, three-hour sessions. All sessions will be delivered via Skillsoft’s intelligent learning experience platform, Percipio, and recorded should participants miss a session and need to view it on-demand.
“As we continue to adjust to our new normal, we feel it is imperative to continue to offer these Leadercamps in different fields of study to inspire and fuel ongoing skill development,” said Mark Onisk, chief content officer of Skillsoft. “With the introduction of a Leadercamp on The Art of Great Consulting, we are empowering participants to accelerate their consulting career through compelling instruction, rich group activities, and access to a deep library of award-winning learning resources that help sustain professional growth long after the Leadercamp concludes.”
Participants will complete sessions on the following topics:
  • Consulting Fundamentals: A primer on what consulting is, current trends, unwritten rules, and key lessons on what makes a great consultant.
  • Mindset of Great Consultants: Learn about key the differentiators and habits of great consultants’ approaches to work and life.
  • Performance and Conditioning of Great Consultants: Obtain actionable strategies and tactics to maximise day to day operations.
  • Managing a Consulting Career & Beyond: Understand how to pivot, scale up, or take a step back in your consulting career.

The Art of Great Consulting curriculum is delivered by Lindor and adapted from her book, The MECE Muse. Lindor is a Principal Consultant & CEO of Tessi Consulting, a management and HR consulting firm. With more than 20 years of experience, she is a seasoned management consultant, advising Fortune 500 clients from firms such as IBM, Deloitte, and EY. Lindor was named EY Top Tier Facilitator in 2016 and 2017, a level of distinction given to the top one percent out of more than 10,000 facilitators globally.

To further support learners who register for Leadercamp: The Art of Great Consulting, attendees will also get 60 days free access to Percipio which provides 800+ courses on leadership, business continuity, compliance, and technology and development, including more than 300 MIT Sloan Management Review articles. This will include many resources featured in the Leadercamp.

Register for Leadercamp: The Art of Great Consulting here.