How to effectively work from home?

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Simple life hacks to help you cope with tasks and not be distracted. Sport, YouTube and TikTok are among them.

Many companies closed their offices and asked their employees to work from home due to the spread of coronavirus infection. It’s hard for most of the employees who are used to working from the office to organise their work and be as effective as they would in the office. After all, there are a lot of distractions at home, nobody regulates the schedule and controls your actions. Let’s highlight some simple life hacks that will make working from home more productive.

Strict working hours

Separate the time between work and everything else so you are not doing work around the home during business hours and vice versa. Decide for yourself when it is easier for you to do tasks from employers – in the morning or in the evening – and stick to this scheme. There are helpful browser extensions or programmes you can install on your computer which will track how much time you’ve spent on each task. One of them is called RescueTime, but there are plenty of other similar apps.

Fight distractions

Yes, at home it can be harder to get started. After all, no one will see that instead of reporting you are watching a video on YouTube or reading articles on our website. If you feel that something is clearly interfering with productivity, then gather your strength and give it up for a while. For example, turn off the TV, delete Instagram from your phone (unless you work for a social media agency in Leeds), send your partner out for a long, long walk. Explain to your family that you don’t want to be distracted during business hours. Make an agreement with your spouse or children that you can talk at lunch or spend time together after work. Moreover, relatives can help you in this situation. Ask them to control you during the working hours and remind you of important things.

Make sure to have a daily break for lunch

Whilst working from home, make sure that you have proper lunches. This gives you a good reason to relax, recharge your batteries and continue working with a fresh mind. In addition, a full meal will reduce the number of trips to the fridge and minimize uncontrolled snacks. As some say, war is (just) war, but lunch should be always on a schedule.

Have a dedicated workplace

One of the most important rules for the successful implementation of business plans at home: you must have a separate workplace. If you sit in the kitchen having a cup of tea with your laptop, then concentrating on important matters will be much more difficult. Ideally your office table should be situated where there are as less distractions as possible. It could even be in the basement!

Do not cancel on physical activity

If you work from home, then it’s more likely that you are going to spend most of your time sitting at your laptop. It is very important to maintain a healthy way of living by introducing daily walks or morning runs. This will give you a great boost of energy for the whole day. In addition, do not forget to do 5-10-minute breaks to get up, stretch your back, massage your neck and close your eyes so they can relax. This will help your muscles be in tone and you will have less health problems in future.

Do not work in your PJs

Do not allow yourself to sit in pyjamas in bed because this does not at all set you up for work. Of course, you don’t have to be in a business suit, but usual comfortable clothes would be the best option. If you have important business calls over Zoom or Microsoft Teams, just freshen yourself up a little. This will increase self-discipline. Scientists at the University of Hertfordshire believe that clothing has a symbolic meaning for a person. The brain adjusts to the purpose of the clothes you wear, so a person behaves in accordance with it.

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