Green Flag’s HR team understands it’s a race when it comes to digital transformation. Businesses are racing to keep up with their customers’ fast and increasingly diverse digital adoption. Consumers and employees alike benefit from and expect experiences that anticipate and respond to their preferences immediately. Technology and software is no longer a cost centre but rather a business-driven innovation centre.

In Contino’s report, Green Flag is mentioned about how they incorporate cloud native technologies services like platform as a service (PaaS), microservices, containers, declarative APIs, and DevOps strategies and how made it possible for their HR team to keep up with the company’s consumers.

Cloud-native infrastructure enabled the business to quickly develop and deploy scalable and secure applications in modern, dynamic settings, including public, private, and hybrid clouds, while providing resilient, manageable, and observable loosely linked systems.

A bit about Green Flag

Green Flag is a member of the Direct Line Group and provides roadside assistance and car recovery. Instead of patrolling mechanics, the National Breakdown Recovery Club was founded in 1971 as an alternative to the AA and RAC.

It utilised a network of local garages and mechanics to perform recovery and repair services. It has evolved to become one of the UK’s leading breakdown services, with over 2,000 clients served each day.

The Problem

Green Flag has ambitious goals in terms of service speed and quality. The organisation’s existing IT systems and processes were proving to be a bottleneck, so the HR team tackled it by identifying the problems:

To start with, Green Flag’s old IT platform, which linked the company and its clients, was obsolete and inflexible. Communication was delayed, making changes was difficult, and expenditures were expensive as a result.

The second problem identified was that existing in-house software delivery capabilities were restricted, making meeting the demands of a modern software-driven organisation difficult.

Green Flag decided to embark on a five-year Digital Transformation program to modernise its technology, build a lively engineering culture, and in-source its software delivery to provide a speedy, modern, on-demand rescue and recovery service.

The following goals are part of Green Flag’s vision:

  • Customer satisfaction: Improved client satisfaction through faster and more dependable service.
  • Engineering capability: Create a cutting-edge, world-class in-house engineering culture to support rapid digital innovation.
  • Business Success: Growing the business while maximising efficiency and lowering costs is the key to success.

The Journey

Contino was invited by Green Flag to give their knowledge and skills. After a week-long assessment, Contino produced a plan to lay the groundwork for the five-year Digital Transformation programme.

Contino’s road for Green Flag’s journey included

Development of Cloud Native Platform on AWS

On Amazon Web Services (AWS), Contino designed and constructed a secure, scalable cloud native platform that will serve as the cornerstone for quickly developing new digital products and features.

The cloud native development is built around an AWS Landing Zone, a collection of Shared Service Accounts and services that establish accounts that are pre-configured with security and compliance guardrails, allowing users to access resources securely and efficiently.

On top of the Landing Zone, a number of serverless Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines were installed, forming the foundation of Green Flag’s new in-house software delivery function.

Since the platform is serverless, the underlying infrastructure requires essentially no maintenance. This frees up application teams to focus on what they do best: building the apps Green Flag needs to provide a modern rescue service.

Creation of an In-house Engineering Department.

Green Flag’s recruitment was aided by Contino, which helped the company’s transformation program develop at a faster pace across application and platform teams.

Before reseeding them into their teams to propagate their new skills and knowledge, Contino trained members from each team in AWS best practices, DevOps tools, and cloud-native ways of working.

The teams are now in a position to manage and iterate on the new AWS platform and to use repeatable templates to construct replica platforms for other areas of the business with no more expenditure other than the increased AWS expense.

The End Product

Green Flag was able to construct a durable, scalable, serverless platform in the public cloud in just five weeks with the support of Contino. At the same time, they worked together to build an 80-person Digital Transformation team that included DevOps and cloud professionals.

Green Flag now has the technical and cultural infrastructure in place to move forward with its five-year transformation plan. Not only that but the project (which was supposed to take 12-16 weeks) was completed ahead of schedule, giving Green Flag crucial time to start other aspects of the project.

By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.