Over a quarter of workers (26%) will drop out of a business call or online meeting if it runs over 60 minutes. That’s according to new global research from cloud-based unified communications provider Fuze, which highlights the subtle ways that businesses can reach peak productivity in their workplace communications.

Fuze’s research also found that if a business call goes over 30 minutes, one in ten employees (11%) will drop off before the end.

Interestingly, when users turn on their video or screenshare during meetings, 87% of the attendees stay connected. Without screenshare, only 75% will remain connected to the meeting.

Fuze’s research also found that the average UK meeting lasts for 36 minutes, suggesting that those set for either one hour or 30 minutes aren’t optimised for maximum attendance and productivity.

The data findings are presented in a new Fuze report, “Productivity @ Work: The Fuze Communications Index”, which reflects engagement with the Fuze platform by more than five million workers, including 2.5 million meetings, 20 million calls and 33 million messages.

This unique data incorporates employees working across the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

“Our research shows that today’s leaders have a responsibility to not only invest in technologies that drive engagement, but also to implement inclusive policies that ensure company culture is aligned with the collaboration solutions they employ,” said Colin Doherty, chief executive officer of Fuze.

“Enterprise leaders need to understand the unique differences across their workforce in order to empower all employees to do their most effective and productive work, wherever and whenever.”

To download the full Productivity @ Work report, visit https://www.fuze.com/productivity-at-work