Adding new team members to your company is an exciting time, but it’s also vitally important that your business makes the process of joining your teams as hassle-free as possible, so new staff have an auspicious start to their new role.

As 67% of employees responded to a survey saying that they thought their employer’s onboarding prosses could be improved, we discuss how you as a HR office can make new employees feel welcome in your organisation.

Show Them Around And Introduce Them

Joining a new organisation can be a daunting time, so you should be ready to welcome them and show them the office they’ll be working in. Take the time to introduce them not just to their team members, but also all of the staff working in the office. Show them all the important areas like the bathrooms, meeting spaces and break rooms.

Give New Team Members A Checklist

As part of the employee onboarding process, businesses need to verify the identities of new team members and view specific documentation. To make the onboarding process easier, give each new employee a checklist and ask them to bring in everything on a specific day. Should they find that they don’t have a specific piece of necessary documentation, then let them know what they can use instead. If the information is vital, such as their National Insurance number, and they don’t have one, then you should help them to apply for a national insurance number and support them through the process so that they have everything ready to be put onto your business’s system.

Go Over The Rules

Every company is different, and each will have its own unique set of rules and practices. You can’t expect new employees to know exactly how your office operates, so it’s important that on their first day you have a brief meeting with them in which you discuss the rules for your office. Talk them through more formal regulations that are in their contract, such as break times and durations, as well as informal rules such as the office cleaning rota.

Have Things Ready For Them

New employees can sometimes feel frustrated if they can’t get stuck into their role immediately, so try to have important equipment like computers set up for them. You should also make accounts for them on every programme they’re going to use so that they don’t have to waste time waiting around for them. You could even consider making them a welcome pack to give them everything they need in one place.

Support Them As They Settle In

It can take time for new members of staff to settle into their role and feel part of the team, so it’s important that you make it clear that you are available and able to give them any advice or guidance they may need. Be open and approachable during their first day and make it clear that you’re happy to answer any queries about HR or anything else.

Simple changes to your organisation’s employee onboarding process can really make a difference, so follow these tips to help you improve your firm’s chances of keeping its staff.