How the Cloud Has Changed HR for the Better?

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way individuals and businesses operate and get their work done. By allowing employees to access their documents and data from anywhere on any device, and by giving businesses more storage space, it has made countless companies far more productive, while also being a cost-effective storage and computing option.

However, cloud computing hasn’t just changed the way induvial employee’s work, but due to the numerous benefits it holds, it has also changed and improved the entire HR sector for the better, here’s how.


Improved security

The cloud has made security far easier for businesses of various sizes, as now companies can use and monitor their security devices from various different online access points throughout the cloud, making wireless security a much more accessible measure to implement. This helps in HR as now, potential clients, staff and other guests can be invited to access the business’s network without the risk of a security breach, meaning they too can have access to the same resources. Also, storing current and potential employee’s data online onto the cloud is far safer than physical storage as the top cloud computing companies will have the most sophisticated and up-to-date protective measures at their disposal.


Less paperwork

With cloud computing, the days of the room-sized filing cabinets are now long behind us. Now, files can be stored securely on the cloud and be accessed from anywhere and instantly with software such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Due to being digitally stored, specific files, such as employee records, can be found and accessed in a matter of seconds, making this type of storage also an effective way for HR to stay organized.


Real-time performance assessments

Performing assessments on staff and clients is an essential part of an HR employee’s role, and before cloud storage, involved a lot of resources and time to gather the appropriate data to make judgements. With the cloud, this important HR function is made easier, as performances can be tracked automatically and in real-time by using an employee performance management software, giving employee’s instant access to reports and statistics. An extension of this is that the cloud also makes it possible to see what an employee is weak at and assign training to them in a matter of hours, which aids in the overall improvement of the quality of staff.


Boosts communication capabilities

Cloud-based technology allows communication between staff and managers to be made far more efficiently, as it creates an interconnected network where members can converse in real-time. This is great in boosting employee satisfaction, as it helps give everyone a voice and makes them feel listened to, which can also boost their engagement with their role, making them more productive.


Provides 24/7 access to essential data

The cloud allows HR employees to access critical information about specific staff such as their pay and their benefits, anytime from anywhere. It’s also an excellent way for staff to see their own information, such as their tax, 401 and much more. Beforehand, without cloud storage, employees would have to use a phone system to learn about this information, making this way of doing things far more convenient while also saving time. The cloud also makes it easier for information to be changed and updated, without the need of an HR professional, meaning that the cloud can make certain operations far easier to do.

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