There’s an element of mistrust towards brands we don’t recognise (and some of the brands we do recognise). Big brands like Nike or McDonald’s, for example, come with years of reviews, branding, and often, a good reputation. Smaller brands suffer at the hands of the more well-known ones because it’s easier for people to go with the option they know and trust – like when choosing something from the menu at a restaurant.

Consumers want security, professionalism, and a service they know they can rely on – and in the HR sector, brand and reputation is even more important. Read on to see how you can build that.


The Power Of In-Person Marketing Events

There’s a tendency to focus on building an online reputation (which we’ll discuss in the next section) and neglect the power of in-person marketing events. Bizaboo studied the power of in-person events and found that 96% of respondents felt events provide the chance to build in-person professional relationships in an increasingly digital world.

HR in particular are people-people, they don’t like being ‘sold’ to and will expect you to earn their trust before pitching, so be professional, don’t pitch at hello, be respectful and focus on relationship building.

With that statistic in mind, turn your attention towards a marketing event and how it can elevate your consumer-to-business connections and increase brand awareness. Companies like Events People have a team of highly-experienced staff that can facilitate all of your event needs to promote the brand image you desire – more can be found on their website Outsourcing event tasks to the experts will help you create an event that meets the needs of your end goal and the needs of your attendees.


Building Online Brand Awareness

Online brand awareness is the big focal point amongst brands. According to multiple sources, including HubSpot, one of the best ways to build online brand awareness is to combine a content marketing strategy with SEO. Content marketing typically refers to utilising blogs to directly or indirectly promote your brand – a strategy that still works well, especially when combined with SEO. However, video content marketing is becoming an increasingly popular marketing technique.

Research carried out by HubSpot found that 50% of consumers now want to see videos instead of reading text. Plus, thanks to the ever-increasingly popular social media, platforms like Instagram provide you with a great space to share video content. Create a narrative, tell a story, and partner with a company that can help you create and share great video content that’ll improve your brand awareness.


Get Social

Talking of social media, HubSpot also thinks one of the trends for raising brand awareness in 2022 is to get social. They believe that brands should steer away from posting a constant flow of promotional content and instead focus on interactive, fun, and outlandish content that’ll grab the attention of the masses rather than people searching for a product. The Mercedes F1 TikTok feed is the perfect example – by using one of their drivers to create funny TikTok videos, they’ve managed to amass a huge following that’s helping to improve their brand awareness.

You can do the same by posting brand irrelevant pieces across all your social media platforms that will, in turn, help to raise brand awareness.

However, when marketing to the HR sector, professionalism is key, by all means be funny but understand your market and don’t share anything inappropriate for the workplace

Any brand, big or small, has to have a continuous focus on brand awareness. There’s always someone new you can connect with, a new message to share, or a new product to sell, and brand awareness techniques help facilitate that. Combining large scale brand awareness campaigns with simple techniques like posting on social media pages will create a winning brand awareness strategy for 2022.