• New menopause workplace training solution means ‘no one left behind’
  • Packages tailored for SMEs, third sector, schools, healthcare providers & charities

Small and medium sized business, third sector organisations and charities can enjoy first-class menopause training in an accessible format thanks to the launch of the Menopause Workplace Training Network. Developed by the award-winning Henpicked: Menopause In The Workplace, the Menopause Workplace Training Network delivers the same high-quality training and content, tailored to suit smaller groups and smaller budgets.

High demand

The UK has 1.4m SME employers, 41,500 charitable organisations, over 30,000 education providers and thousands of private healthcare providers such as dentists, physiotherapists and care home providers. Representing a huge proportion of the UK workforce with around 1.5m in the public education sector alone, these organisations also have a predominantly female workforce with women representing two thirds of employees in charities and three quarters of teachers.

Everyone is impacted by menopause and all employees are responsible for the wellbeing of their colleagues, regardless of the size of the organisation. In fact, the smaller the organisation, the bigger the impact if colleagues require more support, ask for reduced hours, take more sick leave or feel they need to leave their job altogether.


No employer left behind

The Menopause Workplace Training Network package completes the mission of industry-leading Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace to enable every employer to be menopause friendly. Designed to reach smaller organisations, the education sector and charities, the training covers these key modules:

  • Introduction to Menopause – a taster session to explain to employers the importance of supporting menopause in the workplace
  • Menopause Awareness Training for Colleagues – delivered to groups of employees
  • Menopause Support Group Sessions – providing content to deliver a programme and support groups to colleagues
  • Menopause Awareness Training for Managers, Line Managers and Senior Leaders

In addition, these smaller organisations can join the Menopause Friendly membership and take advantage of its wide range of resources, webinars and networking events where best practice and support from other members are in abundance.


Adapted opportunity

“Following the amazing progress made by Henpicked with inspirational, larger employers committed to being menopause friendly, I have adapted this opportunity for smaller organisations and businesses,” says Helen Jackson, managing director of the Menopause Workplace Training Network. “Menopause is a priority for all employers, no matter their size. Working closely with Deborah Garlick and shaping her tried and tested training programmes to suit smaller groups, we can ensure no employer is left behind in our bid to be a menopause friendly nation.”


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