Chris Joseph, founder of Right Against Might, says he came up with the idea as he wants to alert people to the dangers of trying to please their employers and hitting crazy deadlines.

RAM, set up earlier this year by the former advertising executive, seeks to hold the biggest businesses and organisations to account on behalf of underdog consumers.

Using a unique creative approach, the company aims to secure “swift justice” without resorting to legal action for thousands of people across the UK with nowhere else to turn.

The journey for Chris began when he decided against becoming a Catholic priest, after training in a monastery, and subsequently lost an arm the following day in an industrial accident when he was pulled into the gears of a gantry crane.

He says in the video that corporate greed cost him an arm and asks the viewer – “Do You Work for a Pharaoh?”

It is an appeal for people to slow down a little and show some consideration to others, damping down the haste of life that can result in accidents, conflicts and even death.


Chris says: “The World’s leaders must stop ignoring the health and safety of its peoples for the sake of selfish political expediency for themselves and their countries.

“All born innocent and equal into different circumstances and nobody’s slaves or warmongers, we are forced to live and die by unnatural money driven routines by a ticking clock.

“Traumatised by events and fear of dying and the deaths of loved ones, we crash into and injure others to meet crazy deadlines to survive and feed our families and make others and ourselves ever richer and more comfortable; little wonder we have ‘accidents’ and get injured or sick…and die.”


He commented: “There is a pure way of looking at this world, which is we all slow down a bit and take each other into consideration a little bit, and we think about the other sides of the coin as far as a person is concerned and their safety and their health.

“If my message saves one life or one injury it is worth doing.”


The video will be issued on social media in different languages during December.


It can be seen here:

The video message was first viewed on X in Hindi in Uttarakhand, India, scene of yesterday’s dramatic rescue of the 41 trapped miners.