Atlas Security, a privately-owned and purpose-led security services company, has launched a new People Strategy to demonstrate its commitment to improving the overall wellbeing of all employees, including front line officers, and an unwavering commitment to creating a happier workplace environment.

Atlas Security’s People Strategy encompasses a range of people-centric policies and practices that are being implemented company-wide, with the aim of bringing all security officers under one common culture.

It focuses on actions that can improve the overall wellbeing and happiness of all employees, such as ensuring career pathways are supported, relationships with colleagues and clients are prioritised, and encouraging and supporting all employees to reach higher potentials. It also includes ensuring ethical practices are followed, and giving back to the community as a company.

Atlas is committed to promoting security as a professional career and has pledged to fill minimum of 80 percent of its promotion vacancies internally. To achieve this it is using on the job training, blended learning and mentoring to support its people in achieving their full potential. Employees have the flexibility and freedom to grow within the business into roles of most interest.

Instrumental to the development of Atlas Security’s People Strategy has been the views and needs of its employees. A key takeout from the company’s annual Happiness Survey, was that the Atlas workforce values Atlas’ service to the community. As such, Atlas Security has pledged to do even more in support of local initiatives, such as planting trees, supporting local venues, and recruiting locally, and will be looking to its employees to nominate initiatives that they would like Atlas to support. The recently announced charity partnership with Action for Children, which will allow Atlas employees to volunteer on multiple events with the charity, is an example of the group’s active support to the community.

Additionally, a new internal campaign called Speak Up is the result of further investment into its company-wide employee platform – Atlas Connect. Speak Up promotes safe spaces where staff can share concerns or suggestions and feel empowered to provide feedback, raise queries and celebrate success. Atlas hopes to encourage easier dialogue and more engagement amongst its people.


Gary Stanton, Managing Director of Atlas Security, says the objective of People Strategy is to bring all parts of the businesses together and provide the framework to shape and deliver on its promises as an employer: “We have a commitment to being better in every facet of what we do, and what we deliver as an employer and a business, which is why we have planned and implemented the People Strategy. Relationships are our business, and we want to make sure through putting these policies in place that we are able to form stronger relationships with our people and in turn with our clients.

“The security industry is working under more pressure post Covid-19 but this has given a bigger, clearer focus on what is more important in our business. We hope for our existing people and those looking to join the industry to see our passion for our people, their careers and their happiness, and view Atlas as an employer that makes a difference.”