The UK is at a 10-year high in workplace absences with stress accounting for 76% of those in the past year alone*. In response to the unprecedented challenges facing the workplace today, Breedon Consulting, a leading Midlands HR, management and training service, has joined forces with ‘Strive with SanaMente’, a wellness platform, to pioneer a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

‘Strive with SanaMente’ is a proactive, evidence-based approach to employee wellbeing. They believe that by investing in employee mental fitness, businesses are effectively investing in themselves. Just as physical exercises maintain health, mental fitness empowers resilience, emotional balance, and cognitive abilities.

Leveraging their combined expertise, Breedon and SanaMente have devised the ‘Platinum Employer Package’ that adopts a five-step approach, empowering businesses to: Assess their workforce’s wellbeing; Learn valuable insights; Act with proactive strategies; Engage & Interact with supportive resources; and Reflect & Review their progress.

Since 2019, the private sector has seen a 25% increase in costs related to poor mental health and is now at a critical juncture**. The COVID-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis have intensified the need for proactive and preventative measures to tackle stress, burnout, and mental health issues in the workplace and Breedon’s strategic partnership with SanaMente aims to address those to provide businesses with a healthier, more productive workforce.

Nicki Robson, Managing Director of Breedon Consulting, shared her thoughts on the partnership. “Wellbeing in the workplace is a topic that has been filtering into company values in various guises for a while now. But what we’ve designed is a research-based programme that genuinely assesses individuals for a tailored approach.

“Our partnership with SanaMente reflects our commitment to reshaping workplace strategies by highlighting the support that is available that will ultimately support both the employer and the employee. As HR specialists, we strive to proactively guide and support our clients to identify where early intervention can be provided and lead to sustained employee wellbeing and a sustained, skilled workforce.”

Linda Neville, CEO of SanaMente, added: “Our partnership introduces fresh perspectives that challenge employers to reconsider how they approach the mental fitness of their workforce. What we’re offering is not just theoretical; it’s a down-to-earth, sensible solution to the complex human challenges that businesses encounter.

“We want to empower business owners to consider emotional resilience, set achievable goals for enhancing the mental fitness of their teams, and take decisive action to nurture personal agency within the workforce.”

Breedon and SanaMente invite business owners to explore the benefits of the Platinum Employer Package through a no-obligation consultation.