The report is an in-depth look at how brands within the space can increase leads through SEO activities.

Common Ground, a UK-based SEO and PPC agency, is pleased to announce the release of its new report into the current digital landscape of the HR & People Management sector within the UK market.

The State of Search: HR & People Management Software report highlights those currently leading the way on SEO and offers advice on how other brands can increase their own presence within the field.

Analysing a total of 84,458 keywords that drove the most traffic across the sector at the time of writing, Common Ground’s thorough research saw them split the HR & People Management Software sector into specific areas of expertise. These were as follows: HR Software, Payroll Software, Recruitment Software, Onboarding Software, and Absence Management Software.

They then assessed these areas across a number of key criteria to identify which would be the most profitable for solutions providers to target with their SEO activities, which of the 20-plus solutions studied were currently most visible in terms of search engine results page (SERP) appearances, and what lesser-known brands can do to emulate this success.

“The HR Software & People Management Solutions sector has seen many areas of its focus increase significantly in the post-COVID era, with more companies offering flexible working opportunities,” Common Ground co-founder, Daniel Bianchini, explained. “This increased interest via search volumes also means that those who have focused their attention on SEO strategies are already reaping the benefits. We’re thrilled to be able to share this report with the industry as a useful tool to help other brands looking to boost their notoriety within this space.”

Report Highlights

Common Ground’s report is packed with detailed insights into the current digital landscape within the HR Software & People Management sector.

Here are just some of the standout figures that emerged:

  • More than 20 brands analysed across the UK market.
  • 84,458 keywords reviewed, with a total monthly search volume of 45,179.910.
  • A total monthly advertising cost of £45M to be market leader.
  • UK Brands are not the most dominant in the UK market, but there are opportunities for them to do so.. 

You can read all the facts and figures from the report here.