If you have ever dreamed of working with your favourite fictional character, then you might have your chance…sort of. Global tech recruiters MRL created CVs for the ten most employable fictional characters we’d all like to work with and predicted the jobs they could get and how much they could earn.

Many inspiring fictional characters are the smartest, baddest, strongest, and most popular! They are successful in their careers and are enthusiastic about the job. For instance, James Bond considers himself an incomparable 007—the smooth-talking international spy and ladies’ man extraordinaire. Bond could easily qualify for a new career as an Intelligent Officer in a private security firm and easily earn £145,000/Annually or more if he ever gets tired of his civil servant salary.

It seems like Iron Man made the cut, as well! If you have ever wanted to work with Tony Stark, then congratulations. Here’s your opportunity. The genius billionaire is doing quite well for himself. He is a visionary leader who has demonstrated his ability to lead both his company and the Avengers. His personality and skill set are reminiscent of Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk. That is why we know Tony Stark will fit right in as Chief Information Officer, a position that could earn him an annual salary of £612,626 that he could use to make more suits.

While this is in no way an actual job application; It is still a lot of fun, and it’s a cool hint about the type of skills you may need to be as talented as your favourite character and even work with real life versions of them! So, if fictional characters had CVs, what would they say? Here is what MRL imagined up:



The one thing that T’Challa certainly doesn’t lack is vision. His people management and interpersonal skills are something to be desired and can get the team all pulling in one unified direction; there are no doubts that with the Black Panther at the helm of your growth plans, you’ll be IPO-ing in no time.




Harry’s caring and protective nature matched with his potion making skills are unrivalled (well at least in the wizarding world). He can whip up a Polyjuice Potion in a matter of minutes, so just imagine how quickly he could have disarmed the CoronaVirus? The perfect fit for any Pharmacist role.




Well, 007’s job actually does exist in real life, so fitting him into the workplace as an intelligence officer isn’t such a stretch of the imagination. However, James would have to give up the drink, the gambling and the loose lips; as Intelligence Officers away from the Hollywood Screen have to live much more controlled and sensible lifestyles.




If the Olympics did Gold Medals… Oh wait! Katniss has never been one to shy away from a fight, but she’s also consistently been one to raise others up, and promote people’s success above her own. The perfect candidate for an archery coach position.



Well read and learned but not afraid to get her hands dirty, Miss Croft is the perfect adversary to the boredom that Tony Robinson’s Time Team can invoke. Lara was born to explore the annals of time, and take history to task over its rights and wrongs; we also thought she could make a great museum director (if it wasn’t for the lack of travel involved).



Experienced in diplomatic affairs, and heralded as the best of the best in handling the media and managing all manner of communication channels, Olivia Pope is the perfect person to turn to when Crisis strikes. If you are a CEO with a loose tongue, Olivia is the person you want by your side putting a spin on it. If only Donald Trump had a right-hand-woman of her calibre during those 4 arduous years as President.



In truth, it was difficult to fit an animated, diminutive, half-dressed bear into any job perfectly. Can he even reach the top of the beehive? And if he can, would he have the restraint to get the honey back for bottling rather than eating it? But possibly of great surprise, beekeepers are well paid at over £35,000.



Some of the World’s most established meteorologists get it wrong even with millions of lines of data in front of them, and when they get it wrong there is nothing they can do about it. Thor on the other hand, could take the Meteorologist field by “storm”, and accurately predict (or create) the weather as it was intended to be, as long as the forecast is thunder and lightning. Thor’s powerful leadership skills and surprising intelligence would make him a great addition to any weather team.



While Tyrion isn’t the sort of guy you would trust with your sister (or his own sister) he does have phenomenal organisation skills and the ability to persevere through the toughest of mental challenges. His IT skills may be a little rusty, but when entrusted with an abacus, a quil and a pot of ink he will be able to find efficiencies in even the quickest of teams in an Office Manager role; as long as he makes it back from lunchtime drinks.




Saving possibly the best until last, We present Iron Man. A man who can process formulas and build the most advanced electronics systems, there was no way to put a true value to what Tony could bring to your business. When you throw in the brilliant mind of his right-hand AI Jarvis, he is the CIO of dreams. A born leader with  experience in all environments and worlds.


By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.

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