Justin Small, CEO and Founder of The Future Strategy Club, considers how this year has changed the expectation of British workers

With the COVID vaccine arriving at UK hospitals ahead of the national rollout which began on the 8th December, and workers in England are now clear of a second lockdown, albeit now in a tiered system, there is some hope of returning to normality in the medium term. Since March, millions of Brits have experienced work like never before. Home offices, kitchen table workspaces, homeschooling and endless ‘office’ hours have been the norm almost entirely since March. With this, many working Brits have seen work in a new light.

The Future Strategy Club (FSC) – a creative consulting agency that helps talented individuals take the first step towards consultancy work and self-employment – has commissioned nationally representative data across 2,076 Brits to find out what they now want from work. It found that:

– Over half of working Brits – 52% or 13.7 million – feel closer to their family and enjoy a better work-life balance after working at home for months and want to continue to do so in some capacity in the future

– 40% of Brits – 11.4 million people – say the pandemic has made them realise what a poor work-life balance they had pre-lockdown and they will not return to it after COVID

– 60% of Brits believe the workplace of the future will have to change drastically for the better to avoid losing its best talent to freelancing and consulting

– 23% of British parents say their employer was unsympathetic to them having to manager childcare around work during the COVID period

– 34% of Brits say the COVID pandemic has encouraged them to look towards consultancy and freelance work or start their own business

Justin Small, CEO and Founder of The Future Strategy Club- https://futurestrategyclub.com/, – has provided commentary on what people now want from work post-COVID:

“Lockdown and the way that we see work has changed immeasurably and surprisingly quickly throughout the course of 2020. Working from home and flexible working was already growing in popularity but this year has put that growth on steroids. COVID showed all the worse parts of the traditional working structure so it is not surprising so many people have wanted to make changes to their environments permanently.

Companies need to be careful to accommodate their employees’ needs and concerns otherwise, talented individuals will be drawn towards going it alone or jumping ship, causing repercussions for businesses that may be on the edge of surviving and going under. If people are looking to go freelance, self-employed or become a full-time consultant, consultancy agencies are a great alternative to going it alone straight away. It wouldn’t be surprising if 2021 becomes the year of the mass exodus from the 9-5 and towards self-employment.”

By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.