“It can be tempting for those who work from home to bring a laptop into bed and set up a cosy workstation from the comfort of a mattress… but this can be hugely detrimental to sleep as well as productivity, warns Jonny Haskins, Co-Founder at Get Laid Beds.

With more employees than ever embracing hybrid working and adopting flexible home working styles post-pandemic, it is likely that on colder days, many workers bring their laptop into bed and work from there. But did you know that this can affect sleep quality, mood, and productivity as a result?

Get Laid Beds study confirmed this: “Our latest survey into Brits’ sleeping rituals found that 1 in 5 of us (21%) work from our bedroom, and that these people only get 2-3 hours of sleep a night on average. This figure increases significantly with the younger population, with almost half (46%) of 16-24 year olds working from their bedroom. Whilst we know working from a bed isn’t the best setup for our posture, few will realise the impact this can also have on our sleep. Within our survey, a third (31%) of the people who said they struggled to get a lot of sleep at night also worked from their bedroom. Working from a bedroom can blur the lines of a bedroom or bed’s function, making it hard for the brain to associate the room or bed – no matter how comfy! – with sleep. Instead, it can subconsciously become a place where the mind is filled with work thoughts and to-do lists, and that can be hard to turn around once the habit of working in bed starts,” says Jonny.

Jonny is encouraging all businesses and employers to communicate with staff on their WFH set up, and ensure they have proper working environment when not in the office: “Many companies have adopted hybrid working patterns and more of us than ever are working from home since the pandemic; it should therefore be an employer’s responsibility to ensure team members have an appropriate WFH set up, avoiding hunching over a laptop in bed. We know that working in bed can affect sleep volume and quality, which will in turn affect workers’ productivity and focus due to tiredness. HR teams and employers should therefore discourage bed-working and promote desk-based working where possible.”

Full details of the survey can be found here: https://www.getlaidbeds.co.uk/blog/the-most-effective-sleep-rituals-revealed