If you’ve got a co-worker with a 40th birthday coming up, you might be wondering how you and your colleagues can make the day special for them. Here are some great ideas for themed ways that you can celebrate their 40th birthday in the office.

1. Dress up as them!

You could dress up as the person whose birthday it is or as different variations of them. For example, one of you could dress up as ‘Mike in a meeting’ someone else could come as ‘Monday morning Mike’ or ‘Mike at Happy Hour.’ This is a fun, lighthearted way to celebrate their birthday and will let them know that you’ve been paying attention!

2. Pick a show theme

Another fun fancy dress idea is to find out what their favourite TV show is and all dress up as different characters from it. Or if they have a favourite film, you could all come as the main character from that instead!

3. First letter fancy dress

This is where you all dress up as a character starting with the same letter as their first name. So, if they’re called Laura, for example, everyone needs to come as a character beginning with ‘L’. You could even take this a step further and go for specifically Disney, Marvel or Stranger Things characters.

Have an office party with a twist

Show them that you care by throwing them an office party with a difference. You could surprise them with an appearance by a local celebrity, bring in the office pets to cheer them up or organise a special celebration after work. Depending on what they’re into, you could book a meal at their favourite restaurant, hire a lane at your local bowling alley, take them to an escape room or simply treat them to a pint at their favourite pub.

You could also decorate their desk for that wow factor when they walk in, using balloons, bunting or banners. Arrange their gift/s alongside a delicious birthday cake and don’t forget to organise a 40th birthday card from everyone in the office.

Host their very own bake-off!

If they enjoy baking (or they’re just a fan of cake!) then you could hold an office bake-off in their honour. Everyone can bring in homemade cakes and then the birthday boy or girl gets to sample them all and judge who is the best! If sweet treats aren’t their thing then you can do the same with savoury snacks or make it ‘bring a dish’ so they’ll have plenty of tasty options for their lunch break.