In light of International Women’s Day celebrated on 8 March 2022, Alcumus COO SME Gemma Archibald comments:

“International Women’s Day is a reminder of the many hard-working, inspirational and truly amazing women and their contribution to business, society and our planet. But it is also a reminder that men continue to dominate many industries and occupy senior roles. The health and safety occupation is no exception.

“While women make up nearly 40% of the top table roles in FTSE 100 companies[1], women in senior leadership roles in health and safety make up less than 30%[2].

“Breaking the bias means to establish women in fields historically associated exclusively with men – from construction to manufacturing, facilities to chemicals management. But it also means empowerment and protection – through guidelines, rules and laws.

“At Alcumus, we take our role seriously, both to empower women within the organisation, and to drive industry change. As such, we closely collaborate with policy makers on modern slavery issues and the menopause – both topics that affect women more than men. And we continuously evaluate existing products and develop new ones to elevate industry standards and guide employers to deploy industry best practice. Our most recent solutions focus on ESG where clients can identify, measure and track progress across eleven categories, and a supply chain compliance solution that protects organisations from reputational and operational risks but ultimately makes the world of work safer for everyone.

“I’m privileged to work for an organisation where gender equality is actively promoted. 45% of our staff are female, as 48% of our senior global leadership team. But I feel even more privileged to work in a sector that protects and empowers women in the UK and globally. “

About the author

Gemma is a mentor in the industry and personally passionate about promoting women in the workplace and equipping them with the confidence, skills and knowledge to grow into the next generation of leaders, particularly in her home country Wales

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