Global recruitment software provider, JobAdder, has unveiled a new website and brand expression as part of a major branding project.

The refresh has been designed in partnership with award-winning creative agency, WolfKing, after conducting a series of global interviews with staff, industry influencers, customers and non-customers within the recruitment sector, as well as carrying out desk research and over 35 qualitative research surveys to understand how the industry views JobAdder and its placement in the market.

The brand refresh focuses on the theme of “adding joy to the job of recruitment”, reflecting JobAdder’s inherent brand, product truths and mission of making the experience of recruitment more efficient and joyful, at a time when recruiters are in high demand.

As JobAdder continues to expand its footprint globally, the rebrand highlights one of the company’s core visions of becoming the world’s favourite recruitment platform, by aiming to meet the growing need for universally relevant, memorable messaging and inclusive symbolism that would translate and appeal to diverse markets and audiences.

JobAdder’s new website incorporates educational and informative resources for customers and partners such as blog content, e-books, reports, job descriptions, information on the platform’s latest technology features and much more.

The initiative comes after an explosive year for JobAdder, currently boasting a total global user base of over 20,000. The JobAdder team has also experienced exponential growth, doubling its headcount since the start of the global pandemic, with over 215 employees across the globe, including a new Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Legal Counsel, and Partnerships team.

Taz Bareham, Chief Marketing Officer, commented:

“Given the ongoing dearth of talent that the UK is experiencing, hiring teams and staffing agencies are in high demand, often finding themselves under-resourced and overworked. Our rebrand aims to support those in recruitment throughout a particularly buoyant time and beyond. Our aim is to ultimately deliver an improved user experience that will make it easier to attract, secure and retain top talent, whether you’re an agency recruiter or in-house hiring team.

“With this being said, it’s important as a technology company that we’re mindful of the role we play in enabling our audience. We don’t add joy to recruitment, recruiters do that. Our role is to add joy to the ‘job’ – the admin and the operational stuff. We aren’t here to replace the magic. We’re here to enable it.”

Dave King, co-founder of WolfKing, said:

“It’s been a pleasure to work with the JobAdder team to help bring to life their aspirations of standing out as a globally recognisable brand. Through playful and uplifting design and iconography inspired by blossoms, dandelions, sunshine, and clouds, we were able to help them create something that was truly unique and unlike anything its competitors, let alone tech companies, have in the market.

“The one thing that was really evident through this process of conducting interviews is how much people love JobAdder; staff love working there, customers love using the product and the level of service and support is impeccable.”