GMB London says figures could be much higher if unions had a role in exposing non-compliance. GMB believes the problem is too often unreported by workers affected because of the fear they have that they will be fired.

GMB called for unions to have a role in reporting offending employers who fail to pay workers the National Minimum Wage. However, despite a review of the scheme which was published in February 2020 it remains that the onus is on the worker to report underpayment.

Of 139 employers named on the list, 12% were employers in London. The total amount of wage unpaid is £97,632.8, amongst a total of wage unpaid is £97,632.8, amongst a total of 2,828 workers.  The list of Employers in London is below:

Borough Name of Business Status Unpaid Wage Amount (£) Number of Workers Affected
Barking & Dagenham Adi’s Hand Car Wash Ltd Dissolved £7,750.84 2
Barnet Ben Ong UK Limited Liquidated £1,257.12 3
Barnet Eat Tokyo Limited £530.83 2
Brent Anjana Bhog Sweets Limited Dissolved £1,020.00 1
City of London Pinnacle PSG Limited £10,166.03 10
Croydon Superdrug Stores PLC £15,228.57 2222
Enfield Trent Park Catering Limited Companies Active Proposal to Strike offActive Proposal to Strike offActive Proposal to Strike off £1,213.77 10
Haringey Gzim Workshop Limited Valeting Car wash £2,297.21 3
Haringey Natural Nails Beauty London Ltd £15,265.58 4
Lambeth Sendon Garage Services Limited £24,869.52 2
Lewisham Dessert House on the River Limited Suspended £719.10 1
Lewisham Mr Roan Bradshaw and Ms Joy Bradshaw £3,997.58 1
Redbridge KKM Enterprises Limited Liquidated £2,876.68 4
Tower Hamlets Jameson Knight Estates Limited Dissolved £885.06 2
Westminster Byron Hamburgers Limited £3,062.03 77
Westminster Renard Resources Limited £6,492.95 484

Tony Warr, GMB London Region Acting Regional Secretary said:
“GMB welcome the decision of BEIS to resume publication of this list of companies fined for not paying the National Minimum Wage.

“The current system for enforcement of the National Minimum Wage is that individual employees have to make a complaint direct to HMRC. So, unless they are potentially prepared to put their jobs on the line no complaints can be made.

“Trades unions like GMB are not allowed to make complaints on behalf of members and their family members.

“This problem is resulting in widespread under-reporting, as the example of Boohoo suppliers in Leicester clearly demonstrated. See notes to editors below for links to GMB London press release on Boohoo and national minimum wage non-payment.

“GMB is calling on Government to change the rules so that the union is able to make complaints on behalf of members and family members.  This would step up enforcement in the London and lead to a list longer than 16 employers.”