Thumbs up for ChatGPT from workers, who believe AI will contribute positively to the world of work

The remarkable rise of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, has raised important questions about the future of work – and the majority of workers believe this technology and others like it are a force for good.

45% of 574 people polled by global recruitment agency, Aspire, think ChatGPT and similar AI technology will help them perform their jobs better.

A further 11% believe that it will be a job creator, with new industries, services and products born as a result of its emergence.

15% find themselves on the fence, unsure of how it will affect the future of work – if at all.

The remaining 29% are sceptical and think it will lead to job losses, with automation reducing the need for people to carry out the tasks it performs.

In January alone, ChatGPT received over 672m website visits – a 3572% rise from November, when the platform was officially launched. OpenAI, the firm behind the tool, is worth a reported $29bn.

Commenting on the findings, Terry Payne, Global MD of Aspire, said:

“These findings spell good news, given the increasing importance of AI and smart technologies like ChatGPT in business.

“It shows how open people are to the idea of innovative technologies which, in many cases, present opportunities – whether that’s opportunities to save time by automating tasks or creating new industries, products and, as a result, jobs.

“Of course, there’s some concern about jobs being replaced by technology. But let’s not forget, ChatGPT isn’t the first potentially game-changing platform.

“Many of these innovations have and will continue to unlock smarter, better ways of working and should, in my opinion, be welcomed.”