With remote and hybrid working styles here to stay for many employees, it can be easy to assume they have everything they need already from the last two years of adapting to working from home. 

However, with many makeshift office spaces or desks occupying spare rooms, play areas and kitchen corners, it can be time to think about how you support your team and future-proof their home office set-up for the long term, with the best solutions so that they are comfortable working for you from their home.

Sophie O’Mahony from Funky Chunky Furniture says:

“Our homes have never before had to perform so many roles, and now, another (likely lasting!) one; home office. In 2022, I think employers have a bigger duty of care than pre-pandemic to provide their team with not just the tools, but also the accessories and furniture to work from home in a beautiful environment. Not only can it free the mind for creativity, a functional space will also aid productivity.”  

The team at Funky Chunky Furniture has shared four ways employers can make their team’s homes more comfortable for remote work:

  • Consider their posture
    When in the office, HR and wellbeing teams do excellent jobs with furniture to support posture and set up for those who sit at desks every day. This should really be extended and considered in the home office too. Often the cheap chairs and quick fix desks that were bought early on in the pandemic are not conducive for good sitting posture or durable enough for the long term. 

    After selecting chairs that support the back, a decent desk is the next port of call. We suggest wooden desks for durability, design and functionality all in one. Not only can they complement the employee’s personal home style, but come in a range of styles to suit different spaces and industries; from standalone, to storage, to built-in drawers.

  • Think about wall space and what they are surrounded with
    We are seeing many businesses come to us asking for vouchers for their team to buy home office accessories, or asking for suggestions for jazzing up their teams’ home offices. Our biggest suggestion after the right desk and chair, is to offer plenty of accessories to inject your employee’s own personality into their working space. Just as culture and workplace design play a key role within the office, the happier your team are in joy for their working environment, the more they are going to enjoy working from there!

    Often in our home offices, desks can be placed against walls and offer little joy for the eyes! However, with a few lamps, stylish pin boards for important work notes, wooden shelves or quirky bookshelves to enable workers to store photographs, plants and other warming accessories, they have something beyond a monitor to look at and inspire them during the working day.
  • Avoid replicating the office design
    A home office doesn’t have to be a replica of the office style. In fact, being entirely different to the main office and instead match the individual, is more likely to help them focus than sending out branded merchandise or signs. Instead of the usual office go-to of durable plastic and neutral colours, think rustic solid wood desks with plenty of storage space, and bright, colour-popping accessories.

    Large wooden bookcases can act as a room divider and store essential folders and paperwork. Remember employees will not all be working from home solo; partners and children and pets can be a distraction to factor in, so offering storage for practical work but also to minimise distraction with room dividers may be welcomed and help your team to zone in on their work.

For more home office inspiration and or design tips for the office itself, visit: https://funky-chunky-furniture.co.uk/collections/home-office