With Wide Care’s advanced technology platform and proprietary software, Howden stands as a leader in brokering healthcare and supplementary pension benefits


Howden, the global insurance group, announces today that it has acquired Wide Care Services (Wide Care), a specialist Italian Employee Benefits service provider that has pioneered a proprietary platform for health and welfare management. This acquisition underlines Howden’s continued investment in expertise, talent, and data and technology for the benefit of Italian and multinational clients.

Wide Care has been leveraging its innovative technological solutions since 2006 and provides advanced administrative services for supplementary healthcare programs and pension funds.

This acquisition takes Howden to a headcount of over 500 Health and Benefits experts across 16 countries in Europe. The Health and Benefits market presents significant growth opportunities, and with Wide Care, Howden is perfectly positioned to expand its footprint in this growing market and provide clients with more choice.


Andrea Pozzi, Founder and CEO of Wide Care Services, commented: “At Wide Care we have dedicated years to developing an advanced platform for administrative management, delivery, and business intelligence of healthcare and pension benefits. Our mission is to integrate the public sector into the private system of healthcare provision, thereby improving waiting lists and facilitating a balanced utilisation of available resources. We share Howden’s entrepreneurial spirit and client-centric approach and look forward to leveraging their network to better meet market needs.”


Federico Casini, CEO, Howden Italy, said: “Our aim is to broaden our impact in a sector of profound social importance. By optimising processes involved in booking, utilisation, and coverage of healthcare services and seamlessly integrating private and public supply chains, we aim to enhance overall access to quality care. Wide Care is the ideal partner for Howden as we cement our position as the natural home for entrepreneurial talent looking for access to the expertise and specialisms of an international network within their local market.”


Glenn Thomas, Global Head of Employee Benefits, Howden, added: “The acquisition of Wide Care further strengthens our technological capabilities in Employee Benefits across Europe, and reflects our commitment to providing our clients with best-in-class solutions. The combination of Wide Care and our existing network of experts will greatly enhance our offering on a global scale, and particularly in Italy, with experts in 27 offices across the country providing tailored solutions to our clients. I look forward to working with Andrea and the team in this exciting growth journey.”



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