Intuit Mailchimp and Headspace have joined forces to address rising burnout rates and day-to-day stress experienced by busy professionals, business owners, and marketers. The partnership is hoping to bring a bit more ease to their day-to-day and includes a six-part video collection titled, Invisible Tools—hosted by New York Times bestselling author Lindsey Pollak, and Headspace meditation and mindfulness teacher, Rosie Acosta. Along with access to this FREE series, Mailchimp customers will receive access to a 30-day trial period of Headspace’s mindfulness and meditation offering.

The Invisible Tools videos are designed to help viewers combat the dread of a hectic work life and unlock a better balance between their mental health and career. According to Headspace’s Fifth Annual Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health Survey, instability, productivity pressure, and rising expectations for all are driving a sense of dread in the workplace, with 87% of employees saying they feel a sense of dread at least once a month.

Over six episodes, Lindsey and Rosie guide viewers through various topics related to stress—such as mindfulness, career growth, decision fatigue, and impostor syndrome—offering actionable tools to help keep their mental wellness in balance. They cover questions submitted by Mailchimp’s advanced marketing customers, who want to know:
– How can I separate my personal and professional life?
– How can mental health practices aid in my career growth and professional development, especially as I take on more responsibility?
– How do I preserve my attention span and my ability to focus in a fast-paced, hectic role?

“While we love the opportunity that AI is bringing our customers when it comes to advanced marketing, we know they’re busier than ever. We’re big fans of Headspace at Mailchimp, and we’re thrilled to partner up and create content that might make our customers’ day feel less hectic,” said Megan Spellman, Director of Brand Marketing at Mailchimp. “With Invisible Tools, we came together with a shared goal to inspire, empower, and provide tools to people so that they can live more productive and balanced lives. We hope they love it.”

“In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape, leaders are met with demanding challenges that call for incredible resilience. It’s inspiring to see companies like Mailchimp and Headspace stepping up to offer real solutions for wellness,” said Rosie Acosta, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher at Headspace. “Being a part of the Invisible Tools video series, an initiative that aligns so closely with these values is not only an honor but a testament to my ongoing commitment as a mindfulness teacher, to foster positive change in our workplaces.”

“In light of the myriad transformations and trials shaping today’s professional landscape, it’s evident that leaders find themselves amidst greater demands and exhaustion than ever before. In this regard, I hold a profound appreciation for enterprises such as Mailchimp and Headspace, which actively engage with the wellness imperatives of their clientele, extending remedies that truly make a difference,” said Lindsey Pollak, workplace expert and New York Times bestselling author. “As a contributor to the Invisible Tools video series, I am truly privileged to be associated with this endeavor.”

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