Orca Pay Group launches real-time compliance platform to bring transparency to the umbrella industry

  • Recruiters and agencies can now access a real-time audit trail of every payroll they run, assure contractors that they are paid what they are legally entitled to, and comply with HMRC ‘reasonable care’ expectations.

Orca Pay Group has today launched The Apex, a real-time compliance platform that gives agencies and businesses using its payroll services the confidence to demonstrate they have taken reasonable care when being paid by Orca.

In an industry first, The Apex provides agencies and businesses time stamped records from HMRC as well as providing a full transparent audit trail each time a payroll is processed. As part of this, agencies and businesses are shown that all HMRC liabilities are correctly deducted, processed, and submitted and ensure every contractor is paid what they are legally entitled to throughout the duration of their employment.

Robert Sharp, founder of Orca Pay Group, believes The Apex will give recruiters and businesses the transparency they require to ensure that they are dealing with truly compliant umbrella companies: “We’ve seen a huge amount turbulence in the last year and while there is still uncertainty as to how the market will ride out Covid-19, there is no question that IR35 off-payroll reform in the private sector will go ahead from 6th April 2021.

“In the run up we are seeing many businesses insist that their off-payroll workers either use an umbrella company or are placed on their in-house payroll function. As a result, the industry has seen a rise in rogue payment models being offered, trapping unsuspecting businesses and off-payroll workers alike. The Apex provides an answer to this growing problem by delivering 100% compliance and certainty for the whole supply chain.

Rob continues: “We know from speaking to our clients, that demonstrating compliance and producing an auditable trail is of paramount importance to them. That is why we have developed The Apex. Now every time a payroll is run, agencies and businesses can see the same information as HMRC and know exactly what has been paid. Our clients can now get real-time data quickly and accurately ensuring that the highest standards of compliance are guaranteed with every payroll run. It’s an industry first that will benefit the supply chain of any agency or business that uses an umbrella company to payroll off-payroll workers.”

The contractor will also benefit greatly from the platform, as Rob explains: “Contractors are feeling the full brunt of the impending IR35 off-payroll reform and want to know that if they are required to use an umbrella company they will be treated fairly and most importantly will be paid compliantly.

“The Apex plays a huge role in making sure this does happen. Now, thanks to our investment in developing The Apex, agencies and businesses will get a complete breakdown of every payroll, all deductions and all holiday accruals and payments. It’s totally transparent too so they can have peace of mind that their contractors have been paid exactly what they are legally entitled to. We believe this adds up to a real breakthrough in terms of demonstrating to HMRC that reasonable care has truly been taken.”

The Apex provides a complete forensic breakdown on every payroll run comprising of the following:

  • National Insurance contributions
  • PAYE tax
  • VAT (quarter by quarter)
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Tax
  • holiday pay – accrued, paid and the remaining balance
  • pension contributions if the provision is being made
  • and any other legal deductions.

The Apex will be available to all Orca Pay Group clients from today, as standard and at no extra cost. Product demonstrations can be booked at https://www.orcapaygroup.co.uk/the-apex

For further information go to: www.orcapaygroup.co.uk/theapex

By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.