Healix, the award-winning independent healthcare trust provider, today reports the success of its Women’s Health offering following its introduction in April 2021. 50% of female members with access to the offering have engaged with the service, which provides guidance on any female specific health problem and covers conditions usually omitted by PMI, such as symptoms of menopause and guidance on fertility issues. This success comes after over three quarters (77%) of Healix clients opted to include the offering in their trust.

With innovative and focused benefits, Healix’s Women’s Health offering, designed and launched with the expertise of Dr Karen Morton, assists women in accessing consultations and treatment about their health throughout their working lives, including for conditions that are not traditionally covered as part of PMI. Over the year, Women’s Health benefits have helped more than half of female employees and families predominantly with support for menopause, fertility issues and other female conditions.

The Women’s Health offering is now available as an additional service for all existing and new clients should they wish to have it included as part of their trust. Healix expects uptake for the benefits to reach 80% of all clients by April 2022 with renewals and new schemes commencing.

The success of the Women’s Health offering both in terms of client uptake and member engagement highlights the need for female specific healthcare provisions and reinforces Healix’s commitment to providing flexible and bespoke healthcare support for employees, including for conditions that have previously been widely overlooked.

Ian Talbot, CEO at Healix, comments:

“With a greater emphasis on health and wellbeing over the past two years, we were extremely proud to introduce comprehensive services for our clients and their employees earlier this year particularly helping women – who make up half the workforce – with female specific conditions.

“Seeing the service’s successful uptake this year has shown the importance of female focused health support in the workforce and is testament to Healix’s ongoing partnership with Dr Morton and our innovative vision for healthcare. Since April, we have seen three quarters of our clients take up the offering, allowing us to help thousands of women with their health and wellbeing in just the first seven months.

“We look forward to seeing the positive impact that this will continue to have on women’s health in the workforce and hope 2022 will be even stronger.”