Pearn Kandola, one of the world’s leading D&I consultancies, has signed an exclusive partnership with GoodCourse, the London based training start-up, to bring diversity and inclusion training to frontline workers.

GoodCourse delivers short form L&D content, paired with embedded ‘Tik Tok’ style explainer videos. The courses include links to further information as well as multiple-choice and short-answer questions to ensure learner comprehension.

Remote and field-based employees make up approximately 80% of the workforce but have historically been difficult to reach with digital training solutions. GoodCourse makes it easy for employers to engage and train team members who may not have a laptop or LMS access, through the text-message learning platform.

Through the partnership, text-based D&I courses will, amongst others, include Allyship, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias training.

Pearn Kandola has been responsible for delivering D&I training to the leadership teams of some of the world’s largest businesses including HSBC and Microsoft. The partnership with GoodCourse enables Pearn Kandola to extend its offering across large, remote workforces, enabling CHROs and D&I leaders to drive progress faster and more effectively, rather than relying on top-down culture change.

Binna Kandola, Senior Partner and co-founder, Pearn Kandola says: “Meaningful change can’t happen across an organisation unless everyone is part of the journey. Remote workers have traditionally been harder to reach and oftentimes neglected when it comes to diversity and inclusion, but through this platform, we can tailor our content to touch a much wider audience and ensure they are part of the conversation.

“We’re at an important moment in time when many businesses are developing truly authentic and progressive D&I strategies. Our aim is to make sure these intentions are realised and the work achieves its full potential.”

The ubiquity and convenience of text makes it an ideal platform for reaching a large and remote workforce. The GoodCourse platform incorporates the latest emerging learning techniques such as spacing and nudges, serving training courses across multiple days to maximise efficacy and impact.

Chris Mansfield, CEO, GoodCourse says: “The fact that D&I training is often the preserve of the knowledge worker is paradoxical, which is why I’m so proud that we can now help businesses reach those often left behind from learning about issues that matter.”

“Pearn Kandola’s approach to D&I training is rooted in behavioural science and business psychology so this partnership is an ideal fit. Their course content is designed to challenge established ways of thinking, while the GoodCourse platform challenges the conventional approach to training delivery through a format designed to combat shrinking attention spans, improve knowledge retention and drive behavioural and attitudinal change.”

As well as tried and tested courses, Pearn Kandola and GoodCourse will be offering tailor-made solutions to company specific needs. Through the GoodCourse platform, users can run analytics to see completion, engagement and response data, which can then be used to develop follow-up content.

By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.