In today’s work landscape, hybrid models have become the norm, combining office-based and remote setups. Recent trends show a 20% spike in searches for ‘remote work’ and a 19% increase in ‘work from home jobs’ in the past week alone. This adaptable approach meets diverse needs and promotes a flexible work culture that encourages innovation, mirroring the evolving nature of modern workplaces. 

Establishing a thriving hybrid culture is crucial for businesses to navigate shifting work dynamics and meet employee expectations. It ensures they retain top talent and sustain productivity through a balanced blend of remote and in-office work options.  


Experts at Instant Offices have compiled nine questions businesses need to ask themselves if they’re considering implementing a successful hybrid working model. 

1) Do you need office space for all your employees or just some? Can you reduce your office footprint? 

 2) What type of roles do you have in your business? Do all roles have the same or different ratios of collaboration to focus/quiet time? 

 3) When do your clients and partners need you to be available, and how often do they need to see you in person? 

 4) How much quiet space vs collaboration space does your office need? 

 5) Would your employees benefit from core work office days (to ensure that visiting the office is worthwhile) and/or hours (to ensure there is a cut-off point to the day and prevent burnout), or full flexibility? 

 6) If you plan to retain an office, where should it be based? 

 7)Would your business benefit more from a central office location or satellite offices that allow employees to work near home? 

 8) How can you maintain company culture by hosting regular events, home send-outs, virtual meetups, etc.? 

 9) How can going hybrid make your business more sustainable (e.g. reduced commuting, smaller office footprint, etc.)? 


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