Skillsoft (NYSE: SKIL), a leading platform for transformative learning experiences, today announced the launch of Career Journeys, the company’s newest offering within Skillsoft Percipio. Blending live, on-demand, hands-on, and collaborative learning modalities, Career Journeys bring topic-specific skilling programs to the enterprise that enable employees to master mission- and job-critical skills and drive meaningful business transformation year-after-year. 

Building on Skillsoft’s highly impactful series of Aspire Journeys, which are curated to develop skill proficiencies, Career Journeys take the enterprise to the next level by delivering personalised and connected learning experiences for the most sought-after roles.

“The skills needed for organisations to remain competitive are being redefined at an accelerated rate. Leaders widely view the current talent shortage as the number one threat to business, and they cannot simply “hire their way” into closing skills gaps – competencies must be developed from the inside out,” said Mark Onisk, Chief Content Officer, Skillsoft. “To help address this challenge, Skillsoft has strategically added new learning modalities to Percipio such as instructor-led training, digital coaching, and hands-on practice labs. Career Journeys bring these together in one offering, resulting in highly engaging and career-oriented learning experiences that fuel skill mastery, buoy talent retention, and build competitive workforces.”

Career Journeys curate technology, business, and interpersonal skill paths and multiple learning modalities that align with specific growth competencies. Skillsoft’s Cybersecurity Career Journey, for example, blends 900 hours of on-demand content, 300 hours of hands-on labs, 100 practice exams, and 99 days of instructor-led training, all mapping to more than 20 in-demand IT certifications. Meanwhile, the First-Time Manager Career Journey incorporates training resources such as live cohort learning, individualised feedback from professional coaches, and a final capstone project, empowering new managers to effectively lead their teams and achieve strategic objectives. 

Across all Career Journeys, Skillsoft supports learners from skill literacy to mastery by providing clear guidance for recommended learning sequences and formats, personalised development plans via Skill Benchmark Assessments, and access to subject matter experts that offer counsel when learners are faced with complex concepts. Key components also include:

  • Single interface: Career Journeys – across all types of modules – are managed and run within Skillsoft Percipio, allowing organisations to build scalable and sustainable programs for the entire business.
  • Cohort learning: Programs foster camaraderie, networking, and mentorship opportunities amongst peers. Conversations between learners facilitate visible, group thinking and learning from one another’s experiences. 
  • Expert interactions: Content and certification preparation materials are developed through close partnerships with subject matter experts and allow for live Q&A. 
  • Admin empowerment: Expert curation and automatic updates deliver only the most relevant, up-to-date experiences to learners while enabling admins to focus on designing impactful learning programs. 


“As skills gaps widen and organisations need to reskill both technical workforces and their leaders at scale, a more immersive, multi-modal, and effective method for building skills is table stakes,” said R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research. “Empowering organisations with a one-stop shop for developing mastery across technical and leadership competencies will deliver durable learning outcomes that cascade through the business, supporting critical business objectives and ultimately driving competitive advantage.”


Career Journeys are Skillsoft’s latest offering to help organisations address growing skills gaps and talent shortages through transformative learning experiences. In addition to Skill Benchmark Assessments, which provide critical visibility into current skills of employees so businesses can target, address, and close skill deficiencies, Skillsoft recently unveiled Learning Reinforcements, which enable learners to review and retain gained knowledge using flashcards on mobile devices. 

Career Journeys are currently available, with additional experiences for cloud, agile, and IT management, among others, planned for release in the coming months. For more information, visit here