Danforth care group have big plans within the private care sector and have taken the industry by storm. The group have opened 8 residential care homes over the last 12 months, and plans are in place to introduce 8 more in the next 18 months.

The 8 care homes have been opened all over the country, from Lancashire to Norwich. With the openings, 260 jobs have been created, and 528 safe places to live for vulnerable residents.

Danforth Strengthens Communities by Bringing Locals Together

The homes have all been open under a year, and already they have had positive effects on these local communities.

Tamara Crosswell, Home Manager from Broadlands Care Home in Norwich, says “Broadlands Care home has become a great influence on the local community establishing close connections with various professional and local community groups. We have developed close networks with a mother and baby group, who visit us once a week. We are also working closely with two local dementia groups.”

Other care homes have set up and are continuing to establish ongoing projects with local primary schools, charities, community groups and local churches.

“It has been a great success watching someone’s life being enhanced with their individual care and well- being and the team being part of that journey.  The staff have embraced the high standard of training and they have kept this at 100% over all with completion in all fields”, says Tamara.

“The reviews have been very positive, and the home is now rated ‘10’ out of ‘10’ in care home reviews and also in the East of England it is currently 15 out of 1,566 care homes.”

Danforth Care on Hurdles and Hiring the Best

Opening a new care home doesn’t come without challenges, from regulation sign off, to recruitment and gaining admissions. For the care homes opened so far this year, Danforth has faced these challenges head on.

Jessica Blythe, Chief of Staff at Danforth, says “when it comes to overcoming challenges such as meeting building completion deadlines, a good knowledge for the local area has been imperative. Having the support of a good team and a home manager who can be on board from the start of the commissioning process is also very helpful”.

Hiring staff who are completely in line with Danforth’s values is a must for the group. The first care home openings have been a success and have prompted positive reviews, but the main thing for Danforth is the longevity of excellence. Staff will have constant training and will always be held to Danforth’s high standards and values.

Andi Barker, home manager of Primrose House in East Riding, adds:

“Through interview and induction processes combined, we ensure staff are delivering the high standard required. High standards of care and service are then maintained through vigilant and robust quality systems,”

“We provide every support to staff we can to create a positive environment for both staff teams and residents”.

The Future of Care: Danforth give Insights

Danforth are opening another 8 care homes in the next 18 months, and the future of Danforth Care Group looks bright. Beyond that, what can the care sector expect?

“Recruitment in any face-to-face service is challenging. We have seen a huge number of staff leave the industry and covering night-time positions can be most challenging.

“The industry is not appealing to many compared to an action-packed accident and emergency dept, and we lose out in some areas due to summer season jobs ”, says Hazel Madden, Home Manager of Heath Lodge in Norfolk.

However, with the rise of groups like Danforth providing purpose-built care facilities where residents can live comfortably and safely, the future for care isn’t bleak. Overall, people can expect the standard of care to improve in years to come across the UK.

“Residents and family’s expectations of service are much higher than they used to be, with demand for activities and outings are high on the agenda, as well as fine dining and 1:1 care,” adds Hazel.

Talking to those who are considering a career in care and finding the perfect team, Hazel says:

“It’s hard work, overwhelming at times, but can be so rewarding. It’s finding those who have passion and commitment and drive to care for those who need a voice and someone to hold their hand.”