• LMAP will equip line managers to support teams’ mental & physical wellbeing at work
  • 19 million people1 in the UK suffer from a long-term health condition, with a rising number of Long Covid cases reported month on month3

Working To Wellbeing, the return-to-work rehabilitation specialist, has today launched a new Line Manager Assistance Programme (LMAP) to support and equip line managers to help with their teams’ mental and physical wellbeing at work.

The new LMAP comes in response to the recent guidelines from NICE (a) which emphasises the importance of upskilling line managers in talking about mental health so they feel supported and skilled to perform their line management duties.  This includes how to have a conversation about mental wellbeing with an employee at times of crisis, how to identify early warning signs of poor mental wellbeing and knowing where to go for further help or support in complex situations.

Working To Wellbeing’s team of expert clinicians will help provide guidance & training for line managers to have conversations about their teams’ wellbeing at work.  The LMAP will seek to provide:

  • Guidance on how to support their colleagues’ wellbeing
  • Access to experts to discuss their concerns and worries about having difficult conversations
  • Understanding the return-to-work process for employees with a long-term condition (including post covid 19 syndrome – long covid)
  • Assistance to the manager in creating flexible and sustainable return to work and wellbeing action plans
  • Signposting to other support for the employee


Dr Julie Denning, managing director, chartered health psychologist at Working To Wellbeing and Chair of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association said:

“Almost 19 million people1 in the UK have a long-term health condition including cancer, heart disease, fatigue, pain and Long Covid. Added to this, the UK labour market data showed a rise of 200,000 in the number of people who are not working or job-seeking because of long-term ill health since the start of the pandemic and a quarter of UK companies say Long Covid is one of the main causes of long-term staff absence2 “

“The challenge to address is that many of those affected by a long-term health condition want to either remain in or return to work when ready, and employers – in particular, line managers at the coalface whose role is pivotal to supporting their colleagues at work – need to be equipped and ready to best support their workforce. Our services aim to minimise the considerable burden that sits now upon a line manager’s shoulders and give them the personalised and specialist support they need.”


Working To Wellbeing’s Line Manager Assistance Programme will include access to its recently launched dedicated Line Manager Helpline offering reliable and expert advice to provide reassurance when managing colleagues, as well as training and help for line managers to create return-to-work plans and wellbeing plans for people returning to work. Furthermore, tailored wellbeing sessions can also be provided to ensure managers are looking after their own physical and mental health needs.

The return-to-work rehabilitation specialist’s programmes have supported people back into the workplace since 2012, and its goal has been to help as many people as possible to be in work and thrive. Working closely with line managers, it believes that work is part of the rehabilitation process and has it central to its thinking on their rehabilitation programmes.


Denning continued: “Wellbeing in the workplace is a top agenda item for many firms big and small and yet often the responsibility and real implementation of it sits with line managers, adding further pressure to this often over-worked and burdened group.

“The guidelines from NICE emphasise the importance in upskilling line managers in talking about mental health, but we also believe the same thinking should be applied to physical health conditions too. Yet very little support exists at present to ensure line managers are skilled to do this.”

“Launching our Line Manager Assistance Programme will provide line managers with the tools, support and guidance they need to best help their colleagues with any type of long-term health condition, to stay in or return to work.”


The new Line Manager Assistance Programme is available to new and existing clients and Working To Wellbeing can support and offer fixed or bespoke solutions to both large companies and SMEs.

For more information, or to sign up to the LMAP, visit www.working2wellbeing.com or contact 0330 0552903.